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by Catherine Navarette June 30, 2021 5 min read 1 Comment

We know the struggle of not finding jeans with the perfect fittings. Spending a lot of time trying different jeans at the store is a mood breaker. 

Chances are, you might find jeans that fit your waist, but does it fit well with your thigh, knees, and legs?

Waist size is not the only thing to consider in buying jeans. Measuring your waist, thigh, hip, and inseam are the best way to find the one for you.

Different Sizing Method

Many people think that the size of their jeans from one brand is enough to use as a reference ALL THE TIME.

Purchasing a size 30 in one brand will not meant that you are a size 30 in another brand.

If you find your new jeans tight or loose, don’t blame it on the jeans.

Brands have their unique way of judging sizes and dictating which fit is right for their target audience.

To solve that problem, we made different size charts for men’s jeans. 

In this blog, you will see the size charts comparison between AKINGS and different brands one by one.

Brands mentioned: AKINGS, Amiri, Ksubi, APC, G Star Raw

If you already found jeans from these brands that fit you well, just look up its size conversion to AKINGS and that’s it! You’re one step closer to getting your perfect fitting jeans.

BONUS: Read to the end of this blog to know some FAQs about jeans that would guide you in finding the right pair.

Parts of Pants

On the following size charts, you will see parts of pants with their corresponding measurements for each brand. 

If you’re not yet familiar with it, look at the image below as a reference.

Parts of Pants/Jeans - waist, thigh, Inseams


“Clothing that makes you feel like a King”

AKINGS’ signature jeans, J-shape denim is suitable for people whose height falls between 4’11 to 7 feet tall. 

These jeans are true-to-its-size. Meaning, your waist measurement is the size itself. For example, if your waist is 30 inches, your AKINGS jeans size is 30.

Here is the size chart for AKINGS’ straight-cut denim jeans for men. 

For better understanding, the yellow shaded boxes on these charts are the only difference for the straight leg and J-shape jeans. 

For stretchable jeans, the size may vary by one-inch maximum.

AKINGS straight-cut jeans size chart

Note that our jeans are gender-inclusive. For ladies who's ready to rock their outfits with AKINGS jeans, check the women's size conversion chart here.

For AKINGS signature J-shape jeans, check the measurements below.

AKINGS J-shape jeans size chart

We also have a size chart to suggest jeans sizing based on your height and weight. Height is measured in feet and the weight is in pounds.

Denim Size Chart for Men - weight and height


Amiri is best known for its freestyle designs inspired by punk culture. The brand is best known for its ripped jeans, suede patches on the knees, and skinny-fit jeans.

Here is the size chart for Amiri’s jeans for men.

Colored boxes indicate that some of their specific sizes are similar.

Amiri Size Chart for Men - Waist, outseam, inseam, rise, leg opening

If you already found a pair of Amiri jeans that fits you perfectly, look at the table below to know your AKINGS size for men’s jeans.

Amiri x AKINGS size chart comparisons for men's denim 

This table is made by comparing the waist size of each brand. Check out the chart for AKINGS jeans as a reference.

Amiri’s inseam for each size varies, while AKINGS has 32” inseams for straight-leg jeans and 35” for J-shaped jeans.


Ksubi is one of the most well-known Australian fashion brands in the world. They made their way to the top by addressing their customers’ struggle in finding jeans that match their preferences and sizing.

Just like AKINGS, KSUBI jeans are true-to-its size. Here are KSUBI’s available sizes in reference to AKINGS jeans for men.

KSUBI and AKINGS size chart comparison - jeans for men

AKINGS size 40 jeans are available in some specific jeans only. Check out this blog to explore jeans in bigger sizes.


APC clothing addresses the customers’ need to have simple jeans staple for daily activities.

Most of their pants are straight-cut jeans with a clean-cut silhouette and minimalist style.

APC bottom wear for men is cut and sewn to fit true to US size.

Here is a chart that compares APC and AKINGS jeans size in inches.

APC and AKINGS Size Chart Comparison - Jeans for Men


The word “raw” on the brand’s name is about their specialization in using untreated denim to make quality jeans.

G-Star Raw uses the natural ruggedness of the denim to create sleek designs.

The brand has a wide selection of sizes. Notice that their jeans size is based on the length of their inseam.

G-STAR RAW Size Chart - Jeans for Men

Here’s a table comparing jeans size for men between G-Star Raw and AKINGS.

If you have a size 28 GSR jeans, your size in AKINGS would be 29.

G-Star Raw and AKINGS Size Chart Comparison - Jeans for Men

This reference table is made based on the waist measurement. Look at AKINGS size chart for men’s jeans to know your actual measurements.


John Elliott is dedicated to providing perfect-fitting jeans. 

The brand offers three silhouettes: Cast 2 (slim fit denim), Kane 2 (straight and cropped fit), and Daze (Classic straight leg).

Each John Elliott’s silhouette has its corresponding sizes. 

Check out John Elliott’s size charts below.

John Elliott CAST 2 Size Chart - Jeans for Men

John Elliott KANE 2 Size Chart - Jeans for Men

John Elliott DAZE Size Chart - Jeans for Men

John Elliott's sizing is based on different jeans measurements while our sizes are based on waist length. Here is a guide to know your size in AKINGS if you have a pair of John Elliott jeans.

John Elliott - Cast 2 and AKINGS Size Chart Comparison - Jeans for Men

John Elliott - Kane 2 and AKINGS Size Chart Comparison - Jeans for Men

John Elliott - Daze and AKINGS Size Chart Comparison - Jeans for Men

Note that these comparisons are based on the waist measurement only. Check the AKINGS size chart mentioned above for more details.


My waist is 30 inches to be exact, should I order AKINGS size 30 jeans, or should I add one size up?

► Our jeans are true-to-its-size. If you prefer a looser fit, sizing up is the best option.

I want jeans that can fit me even if I grow tall for the following years.

► AKINGS stacked jeans can fit people whose height is between 4’11 to 7’’ tall without having them tailored. Click here to know more about stacked jeans.

I have thick thighs and my calves are skinny. I want something that won’t make my legs look weird.

► J-shape jeans have enough room for the thigh and tapered fit from the knee down. These jeans will make your legs look proportional to your body shape.

I prefer jeans that look skinny but not too tight on the legs. What jeans should I choose?

► Try slim-fit jeans. It's a little bit wider than skinny jeans.

I don’t want pants that look baggy, what jeans should I avoid?

► If you don’t want jeans that look baggy on the hips, relaxed and loose-fit jeans are not for you.

What jeans would last for years?

► Any quality jeans can last long if you take care of them properly. As for the type of jeans fabric, those garments made from raw denim are durable due to their tighter weaves that can last for years.

What other ways can I measure my waist, inseam, and hip size?

► If you already own a pair of jeans that fit you well, take it as your reference and measure the length of its waist, inseam, hip, front and back rise, and bottom hem.

What is stacked skinny?

► This kind of fitting has enough space for the thigh and is tapered from the knee down. Stacked skinny-fit jeans are recommended for people who have wider thighs. 

How do you get stacked jeans?

► Let the excess fabric on the knee down to the ankle layer on top of itself. This style is applicable for skinny and tapered fit jeans only. Click here to find out more about stacked jeans.


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