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by Catherine Navarette January 05, 2024 4 min read

Wearing a black outfit in this hot weather is not ideal. If you have many black jeans in your closet, save those for later and try light color jeans for this season.

Explore summer colors like blue jeans that perfectly fit with any white t-shirts and sneakers you already have. No need to buy many pieces of clothing because blue jeans are enough to elevate your summer fits.


1. Kyle Blue, White Recruit Tee, and Balenciaga’s Black Track Trainer

If you like to have the right amount of stretch in your clothing, this outfit will make you feel the comfort in every move. The custom blue gradient wash of the silhouette goes smoothly with the white Recruit Tee for a cool refreshing vibe this summer.

Basic plain Tee shirt and blue denim jeans for men

A pair of Balenciaga’s Black Trainers are the perfect pair of chunky sneakers to give off the right mix of 90’s vibe with today’s prominent casual wear. These texturized trainers have a ridged rubber sole for additional comfort best for people who’s always on the go. Top it up with Balenciaga’s iconic logo patch, reflective subtle details, and a mixed variation of white and black lace for a polished look.

Men’s Nike Air Force 1 0’7 Low is also an option to complete the dripped look. These black leather shoes have made their way up to the top as the original classic sneakers from the 80’s NBA league all the way to today’s trendy street casual footwear. The sneakers’ fine leather edge details and streamlined silhouette is best to show off in the park, during holidays, or on any special occasion.

Nike Air Force 1

2. Kyle Blue, Graphic Sweater, and Bape Sneakers

For the cold season and breezy night, it's always a great idea to wear a sweater one shade darker or brighter than your jeans with a pair of pastel-colored sneakers. Teens often wear this outfit because of its cool and refreshing vibe. This outfit is so comfortable that you can wear it inside and outside your home 24/7.

Here’s Lil Monkey (@youv_dee) wearing the Jose Wong Bapesta "Yosansta" sneakers with the Kyle Blue cargo stacked jeans and a cozy blue graphic sweater.

BAPE sneakers have been out since the early 2000s and continue to grow its popularity as they team up with some hip-hop artists. Incorporating BAPE sneakers with your blue jeans will make your outfit look more luxurious and full of character.

Wearing a different set of light colors in one outfit is tricky, but with this outfit combination, you will receive the best impressions from people around you.

3. Kyle Blue, Atelier Zip Hoodie, Celine Z Trainers

This outfit combination is all about comfort while still looking fly. A solid black hoodie, with light-colored jeans and a pair of Celine Z Trainer CT-01 High-top Sneakers will make your style stand out from the crowd.

Carrying a bag while wearing a hoodie sometimes ruins the look. Good thing Kyle jeans have 11 pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials. This streetwear outfit is best to wear during daytime casual hangouts and nighttime movie dates.

The savior in Black AKINGS atelier hoodie and blue denim jeans for men

To complement the sleek layering of the jeans a.k.a. the stacked jeans, wearing an inner T-shirt and Celine high-top Z Trainers levels up the look. The trainer’s design is a mixture of the NBA sneaker aesthetic from the 1990s and a modern retro style. Their side trimming with refined graphic lines, vintage design cues, and Celine brand name on the shoes made it look more classy.

4. Kyle Blue, Pastel-colored Tie Dye Scar Tee, and White LV Trainer Sneakers

Go for colors that will complement each other. Light-colored shirts combined with monochromatic blue jeans and white sneakers are a great outfit to start your day. This soft-tone outfit will not just elevate your summer fits but also gives you enough comfort to move during hot weather.

Pastel Tie Dye Shirt and blue denim jeans summer outfit men

White kicks like the LV Trainer Sneakers will be your favorite footwear to pair with blue denim jeans. Why? Simple, whether you’re wearing blue jeans in a light or dark shade, white sneakers will elevate the look. White sneakers are flexible enough to be worn with almost any outfit.

5. James Aqua Jeans, White AK Logo Mock Neck Tee, and Black High-top Leather Shoes

For a casual look with a twist of a bright summer vibe, opt for a white mock neck tee, washed raw denim jeans, and black leather shoes. 

For those people whose building their physique, the shirt’s clean boxy cut will make their shoulders look a little bit sharper. A subtle detail like this top up with the sleek blue whispering details of the silhouette and the gloss of the shoes will definitely make you stand out.

These techwear-inspired jeans have two pairs of 8-inch deep skyscraper pockets for your valuables. Click here to explore more about deep pocket jeans.

Cyan wave pattern stonewash denim jeans men

Styling based on the weather transition from spring to summer is a bit trickier than usual. Sometimes, a hoodie would come in handy but wearing it 24/7 isn’t comfortable because of the changing weather.

The perfect look for people who experience this problem is to adapt the aesthetics of layering. You just need to wear a mock neck tee as your basic inner garment and layer it with a moto denim jacket during a cold night. Mock neck tees can also be a standalone outfit and best to pair with a silver necklace.


6. Ludlow JeansWhite Tree of Life T-Shirt, and High-top Maison Margiela Gats

If you like wearing skinny fit jeans that are both comfortable and have a sleek design, Ludlow denim will be your new favorite jeans.

Light stonewash jeans, a cotton printed T-shirt, and classy high-top leather sneakers have the perfect balance of glow and comfort to be your everyday outfit for the office and a walk in the park.

White graphic shirt and light blue denim jeans men

Ludlow stacked jeans can fit people between 4’11 to 7 feet tall. Check this blog to explore jeans for big and tall guys. But first, find out what J-shape jeans are all about and how to properly stack jeans for a polished look.


Increase your drip factor by 100 points right away with these accessories:

Triple silver pant chains and blue denim jeans men



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