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by Andrew Mai May 03, 2024 2 min read

If you're ever in NYC, Brooklyn, Soho, or wherever nearby, and looking for a streetwear clothing store nearby to shop, we've got you. This is our list of 5 must-visit stores in New York.



We’re a New York City based streetwear brand founded in 2017 by Alan King. Since we made our first pair of AKINGS stacked jeans, it’s always been about making our customer feel like A KING. When you put on a pair of AKINGS stacked jeans you instantly feel the difference—not just in quality, but also in the way they’re designed to adjust to your body. It’s as if they were tailored to fit you even before you tried them on for the first time. That’s because we’ve designed a one inseam for all fit which allows anyone between 4’11” to 7’0” to fit our stacked jeans. Don’t take our word for it though, try them on for yourself—it’s risk free—and see what it feels like to be A KING. If you're in NYC, this is a store near you to definitely check out. You can book a shopping appointment here.

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Kith Soho

Nestled in Soho, Kith reigns as a worldwide icon of streetwear and sneaker culture. With a curated blend of street essentials and luxury pieces, it's a haven for fashion enthusiasts. And don't forget to swing by their "treats" stand for some mouthwatering ice cream delights. If you're in Soho, this is an absolute must-visit near you in the city!

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore NYC

With boutiques in both New York and London, this American brand exudes a vintage charm and offers top-tier products. Expect impeccable pieces that effortlessly infuse timeless style into your wardrobe. Though lines may form, the wait is certainly worthwhile! Plus, there's a cozy café onsite. ALD stands as one of New York's premier destinations for high-quality fashion.


Supreme NY

Established in April 1994 in New York City, Supreme epitomizes American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle. Renowned for its significant impact on streetwear culture, Supreme offers products tailored to skateboarding and urban fashion trends. Alongside clothing and accessories, the brand also crafts high-quality skateboards. If you're nearby Brooklyn or Queens, you should visit the store for a refreshing experience.

Flight Club

Flight Club NYC

A true sneaker haven! Flight Club, the globally acclaimed resell store, stands as an impressive destination for enthusiasts. Boasting thousands of sneaker references, from common staples to elusive rarities, its shelves are a sight to behold. Walls adorned with sought-after models, often unattainable from their original brands, add to the allure. With tempting prices, particularly for pairs initially exclusive to the United States, Flight Club is an essential pilgrimage for any sneaker aficionado.

With our selection of top 5 shops in New York, we hope you'll have an amazing shopping experience near you!

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