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by Catherine Navarette July 17, 2021 2 min read

This blog will guide you to achieve the brightest and longest glow of your glow in the dark Tee.

How Does Glow in the Dark Clothing Works?

Glow in the dark clothing has phosphor that radiates visible light after being energized or charged from a light source. They are made from threads dyed with photoluminescent materials.

Is Glow in the Dark Clothing Harmful?

No. They are non-toxic and are completely safe to wear. They don’t have any radioactive substance on their fabric.

Why Does it Glow Green in the Dark?

The human eye can sense the green light brighter than other visible colors. That’s why manufacturers use the color to emit a stronger glow effect. Also, the phosphor substance glows the green color the longest.

How to Charge Your Glow in the Dark Tee Shirt

To have a long-lasting glow in your shirt, you must expose the glow in the dark print to a light source – sunlight, fluorescent bulb, UV, or black light would do. The shirt will absorb the light energy during this activity and will be “charged.”

It is recommended to leave your shirt under the afternoon sunlight for a few hours to absorb more energy.

Glow in the dark graphic peace tee shirt men

How Long Do I Need to Expose the Shirt in a Light Source?

It depends on how strong your source emits light energy. You can expose your shirt for at least 30 minutes under UV light and sunlight. If you use a fluorescent bulb, charge it for at least an hour.

Exposing the glow in the dark print for a longer and stronger light source will keep its glow for a few hours especially at night.

Click here to see how your Peace Tee Shirt can glow if you charge it the right way.

Best Places to Show Off your Glow in the Dark Tee Shirt

You can wear this rockstar shirt on any occasion. Here are some events to show off your cool Tee:

  • Going to the club

  • Stargazing

  • Night parties

  • Family dinner

  • Camping at night

  • During an early morning jogging

  • Night festivals (so your friends can see you from afar)

Glow in the dark graphic piece tee shirt men

    How to Style your Glow in the Dark Tee Shirt

    To keep up with the glow of your Peace Tee ShirtOmari Waxed Jeans have the perfect balance to the outfit. Pair the outfit with leather high-top sneakers and silver accessories to elevate your style.

    Black glow in the dark Tee Shirt and waxed jeans for men

    Ready to rock this outfit? Grab your pairs now and book an appointment in our Showroom.

    Check out this blog to know how to style your Peace T-Shirt during summer.


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