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Hey Stylists!

Get the best streetwear pieces just in time for your next photoshoot. AKINGS is here to help. Visit our NYC showroom or dig into our website for kickass jeans, button-down shirts, and everything in between. Check out our lookbook here.

Before you submit that application, here are some guidelines to remember:



  • All pulls are subject to a nonrefundable service fee of 20%. Failure to return the item/s at the promised date will be charged with a 10% late fee per day.

  • If an item is lost or damaged, we will invoice you at full retail price.

  • No deposit is needed. However, we will need your card info and a copy of your ID for charges to late returns or missing and damaged item/s.

  • AKINGS reserves the right to approve whether or not an item can be pulled.


  • AKINGS should always be credited for wardrobe on print (e.g. Jeans by AKINGS), online, television, and social media (e.g. Jeans by @akingsny) photo or video content.

  • The stylist must provide 5-10 photos and or videos AKINGS and Alan King can use for promotions across different platforms.



  • Garment, labels, and price tags should be in mint condition.

  • Pockets should be empty upon return.

  • If item/s are worn for events and appearances, they should be dry cleaned before returning.


Now you’re ready. Please download and fill out the form below to apply for pulls.