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by Catherine Navarette June 28, 2021 4 min read

Whether you’re naturally born with big thighs or an athletic guy, finding jeans that can fit your waist, thighs, and calves perfectly is complicated.

You might find a pair of pants that fits your waist well, but it doesn’t have enough room for your thighs and calves.

If you have big or muscular thighs, this blog will guide you on what jeans you should consider before buying them online or in any retail stores.

1. Stretch Jeans

These jeans are here to solve all of your pains. Stretch jeans have enough room for your thighs and calves so you can move more with comfort. 

If you’re an athletic person, stretch jeans are the one for you. Especially if you don’t skip leg days.

Another problem that stretch jeans solved, is the waist-to-hip fitting.

Most jeans in the market might fit your hips but they tend to have a loose fit in the waist area. You don’t want your jeans’ rise to look weird, right?

Best Stretch Jeans for Guys with Big Thighs

Daniel Jeans

Must-have jeans nowadays can solve not just a single problem. If you’re constantly struggling to fit your phone and other essentials inside your pocket, opt for jeans that have deep pockets without looking too baggy.

Daniel stacked jeans have 8-inch deep skyscraper pockets in the front and back. Explore other denim jeans with deep pockets here.

Black outfit for men - black denim jeans and black hoodie

These skinny fit stretch jeans are perfect for people who have thick thighs and skinnier calves. The tapered fit of the silhouette will make your legs look proportional to your body shape.

Kyle Blue

This light-wash skinny denim will make you look fly on any occasion. Kyle Blue stacked jeans are stretchable enough to complement your body shape.

These designer jeans for men have 11 discrete pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables.

Light Blue wash stacked jeans and light color logo shirt for men

Check out this blog to know what kind of top-wear is best to pair with your Kyle Blue jeans. And if you’re looking for sneakers to pair your stacked jeans with, here’s a guide for you (click here).

Dark-colored Jeans

Dark-colored jeans are versatile and easy to style. Plus, they have an overall slimming effect if you paired them with the right top-wear.

Black denim pants like the Biker stacked jeans will not only make your legs look slimmer but they also have the perfect amount of pocket space to match your daily festivities.

These 11-pocket stretch jeans are skinny but not skintight. Plus, the tapered fit below the knee gives you more room in the thighs while maintaining the look of a slimmer leg.

Skinny fit black zipper biker jeans for men

Click here to know why these Biker jeans are the best black zipper jeans you’d ever own.

3. Relaxed Fit Jeans

If you’re not a fan of skinny jeans and want to have a 90’s-inspired look, relaxed pants are exactly what you’re looking for. These comfortable loose fit pants have more room for your thighs.

Check out these relaxed fit Nylon Cargo Snap Pants that have enough stretch for your waist, thighs, and calves. No need for bags when you have six tactical pockets all in one pair of jeans.

Black Relaxed Fit Nylon Cargo Snap Pants

Also available in olive color, size 28 to 40.

FAQs: Common Jeans Problems and How to Solve Them

Can people with big thighs wear skinny jeans?

Absolutely! Skinny fit jeans are for everyone, but not all of them are comfortable to wear and have enough room for your legs. Opt for skinny fit stretch jeans instead.

What type of jeans is best for guys with big thighs?

Stretch J-shape jeans are the ultimate pair of pants for people who have big thighs. Click here to find out why J-shape jeans are special.

What jeans are best for guys with big thighs and skinnier calves?

Whether you’re a short or a tall guy, as long as your height falls between 4’11 to 7 foot tall, J-shape stacked jeans will be your forever jeans staple.

These silhouettes will make your legs look longer through their natural stacking effect from the knee down.

If you’re a big and tall guy, click here to explore more jeans perfect for your size.

Do straight jeans look good on thick thighs?

Straight-leg jeans are a great choice to wear if you have big thighs. These jeans have a straight cut from the hips down to the bottom hem that will give you a flattering look, and they have enough room for your thighs.

I have jeans that have worn spots at the thigh part, how can I avoid this?

Opt for stretchable jeans. These garments are designed to hug your body without being too tight or too saggy.

My jeans get wrinkled at the back (lower bum), is this a sign that my jeans are worn out?

It depends on how often you’ve been wearing them. Usually, stacked fabric at your lower bum indicates a thigh width issue. Know your thigh measurement first before buying jeans.

Baggy jeans can fit my thighs well but they have a wide gap at the waist area. Did I pick the wrong size?

Most of the time, people with this problem chose the wrong size of jeans. It is best to know your exact thigh and waist measurement before buying a pair of pants. Check out this blog to know your exact AKINGS size.

Another solution is to use a belt every time you wear them.

My jeans are saggy at the waist area, is it because I chose the wrong size?

Some jeans are designed to look baggy on the waist, but if it looks saggy, you probably picked the wrong size of jeans.

Get the exact measurements of your waist, rise, hips, thigh, and inseams to find the perfect fitting jeans.

To know more about the common jeans sizing problems, check out this blog.

Are there jeans that add perks to my bottoms?

Jeans with multiple pockets in front and back flatter every shape and size. Stretch jeans with small pockets refine the shape of your bum better than other types of jeans.

What are athletic fit jeans?

These jeans are designed for weightlifters and people who have a muscular body. Most athletic-fit jeans are stretchable so you could move more when wearing them. It also makes your legs look proportional to your body shape.


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