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by Binny Zheng September 09, 2020 2 min read

Confused about our shipping and return policies? You won't be after reading this:

What is an order confirmation?

An order confirmation is an email that you will receive shortly after you place your order that will include information about the details of your order. This email solely confirms your order. 

What is a shipping confirmation?

A shipping confirmation is an email that you will receive after your order has been processed and is ready to ship. This means that your package is about to be on its way to you. Your shipping confirmation email includes a tracking number that you can use to track your order with the courier that you chose. 

My order is in pre-shipment.

When your order is in pre-shipment that means that your package is still at our facilities waiting to be picked up by the courier. The courier knows about the intended shipment but your package just has not yet been scanned by the courier. This can take a few days to be updated.

My order is stuck-in-transit.

Stuck-in-transit is a vague statement that usually means that something has caused the courier as no longer moving towards your destination. Typically packages that are stuck-in-transit will be cleared in a few days, but the best solution if your packages persists to be stuck-in-transit is to call your local post office supervisor to inquire about your package.

My order was marked as delivered but never received.

We're really sorry to hear this. Multiple different scenarios could have happened here:

1) The courier marked your package as delivered, but it has not actually been delivered. Sometimes this is the case and all you need to do is wait a day or two for your package to show up.

2) The courier might have left your package with one of your neighbors because you might not have been home. Check with your neighbors to see if they accepted your package on your behalf.

If the problem persists and you still have not received your package, call the courier to inquire about your missing package. The courier will be able to give you more precise and detailed information about where your package might possibly be.


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