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by Binny Zheng September 08, 2020 1 min read

Our top five favorite outfits of the week, featuring some of your favorite artists in our clothes.

1. Comethazine in full AKings: Orange Kyle Cargo , Victor Black Denim Jacket, and Black Velour Crosby Tee.

Comethazine in fulls AKings for his newest music video coming soon.

2. Bloody Osiris in AKings Patchwork Denim

Stylist Bloody Osiris in AKings Patchwork Denim

3. Lil Baby in AKings Howard Denim

Lil Baby in AKings Howard Denim

4. Wale in AKings Victor Black Wax Jacket and Omari Denim

Wale in AKings Jacket and Denim

5. IO in Grey Wash AKings Kyle Cargo and Arachnid Tee Shirt

DJ IO in Akings T-Shirt and Denim

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