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by Binny Zheng September 15, 2020 1 min read

Ready to give your denim a wash? Here are some easy steps to taking proper care of your denim - straight from AKINGS' denim experts. 

1. Wash less. Depending on your often or how rigorously you wear your jeans, you might not have to wash them all that often. It's best for jeans to be washed less so that they can better retain their fit. Your jeans will also start picking up a little more character and a more unique look, like lines and creases that are specific to you, if you wear them for a long time without washing. 

2. Wash cold. It's always best to wash denim cold so that your jeans retain their color and don't suffer from fading or shrinking. Use a gentle detergent or soap and always remember to turn your jeans inside out!

3. Air dry. Dryers are not jean-friendly. When drying your jeans, always just hang them and let them air dry. This also helps preserve the fit and avoid any shrinkage that your jeans might suffer. 

Keep your jeans fitting better and lasting longer by taking proper care of them. If you need more information on how to care for your denim, send us an email at info@akingsny.com.


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