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by Maria Angelica Nunag April 06, 2022 3 min read

Fall in love with waxed denim. It's perfect for springtime showers and warm nights. Building your closet from the ground up? Start with a pair of waxed jeans that will take your fit from basic to something a bit more distinguished.


Omari Waxed Jeans

The Omari Waxed Jeans

AKINGS Omari Waxed jeans are stacked denim made for rockstars and anyone looking to add some attitude and confidence to their daily wardrobe fits. With all of the notable details and leather like appearance they're conversation starters on the street. And one thing is for sure, every fit picture you take in them will have people commenting—”where did you purchase those jeans?”. The signature j-shape creates a slim fitting and tapered silhouette for all shapes and sizes, from towering NBA players to 4’11 style ninjas. Style it with an oversized T-shirt and high-top sneakers for a relaxed fit or take it to the next level with a smooth satin button-down.

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Keep Your Jeans Looking Fresh

The real challenge comes after rocking these jeans out on the streets. Although it is normal to avoid washing your jeans to preserve the shiny waxed finish, you’ll eventually have to wash them and give them some TLC. Below is a list of simple tips to keep your waxed jeans in the best condition.


The Hang Method

The Hang Method

Here's a trick to keep your waxed jeans smelling fresh: hang them up. When you take your jeans off at the end of the day, turn them inside out and hang them in a cool and dry space. Don't just leave them balled up on the floor or hanging on a chair. This method will keep your jeans from getting bunched up and creased in all the wrong places while also giving you a fresh out-of-the-dryer look to your jeans.

The Spot Cleaning Method

The beauty of coated denim is that they don’t easily stain. If you do get a smear, it is easy to remove them with a damp cloth. Doing this is effective but more often than not, it leaves a visible and unflattering mark on your jeans. A better alternative is to steam the area with a steam iron to soften the wax coating so you can move it around and cover any stain spots. Dry cleaners have commercial equipment that can also do it for you.

The Freezer Method

Keep bacteria and odor from building up by storing waxed jeans in an air-tight container and leaving it to chill in the freezer overnight. It helps maintain the crisp freshness of the jeans without causing shrinkage or fading. Make sure the garment is dry to avoid ice from forming in the garment. Fold it lengthwise twice and smooth it out for minimal wrinkles and creases.


The Hand Wash Method

If your denim is feeling a little too worn and starting to smell funny, It’s time to turn it inside out and treat it to a nice and quick cold hand wash. Turning it inside out will protect the wax coating from damage. Make sure to use a small amount of gentle soap or cleanser to prevent fading. If you choose to throw them in a washer, secure them in a garment bag and keep the settings on a cold gentle cycle. 


The Dry Clean Method

Dry Clean

You’ll often see “Dry Clean Only” in the product care instructions of brands much like Louis Vuitton. Dry Cleaning is the process of cleaning garments with chemical solvents in the absence of water. To avoid disappointment, make sure you entrust your precious $300 denim to cleaners with experience with coated men’s jeans. 


Waxed denim is unique and should be treated as such. If you fail to properly care for them, the wax will crack and the pants will lose their sheen. We don’t want that! Follow the tips above and you'll be able to wear them for years in the future or pass them down as heirlooms down the family tree.


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Omari Jeans

From left to right: Omari White Stitch, Omari Waxed Jeans, Omari Stacked Jeans

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