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by Maria Angelica Nunag April 14, 2022 3 min read

Waxed denim is a versatile fabric. It is strong, pretty easy to clean, and water-resistant. But that comes at a cost. Over time, the wax will darken and chip off, revealing the actual denim.

One of the many questions we get from our customers is - How do you restore waxed jeans? Here’s a guide to help you.

When is it time to re-wax?

Even with proper care and maintenance, waxed jeans will eventually fade and lose their shine. When exposed to heat and humidity, they can melt and form spotty patches over time. When spot cleaning or spot re-waxing can no longer cover the pale interior cotton from peaking through, you know it’s time to reapply that wax.

What you need:

  • Brush - To remove dirt and excess wax
  • Fabric Wax - Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, or Otter Wax, the choice is yours. If you are a fan of environmental-friendly products you might want to stay clear of Paraffin. Both soy and otter wax are naturally made and come in convenient block shapes for easy application.
  • Fabric or Plastic Sheet - To keep your workstation clean
  • Hairdryer - To heat the wax and the jeans prior to application
  • Lint Free Cloth - A cleaner way to apply the wax to your favorite jeans without making too much mess.

Restoring your Jeans

You first want to clean your jeans. You don’t want to apply wax on top of a dusty fabric with flakey, dried-out wax. What you do is hand wash it gently with lukewarm water without soap or any cleaning agent to avoid discoloration. Hang and wait for it to dry completely.

On a flat surface with good lighting, lay a piece of fabric or plastic sheet to prevent wax from seeping through your furniture. Apply your wax of choice evenly to the exterior of your denim. Read the instruction pack that comes with your wax for better results. Some might require you to rub the bar directly into the jeans while some might need melting which will then be applied with a brush or a lint-free fabric. You can melt the wax by heating it with a hairdryer. If the glide is not as smooth as you would like, you can also heat up the jeans themselves. Apply as many coating as needed.

When you’re satisfied with the look on one side of the garment, let it dry for a few minutes then flip it over to work on the opposite side. This is where the fabric or plastic sheet come in handy. 

Once you’re satisfied with how both sides look, take a hairdryer to set the wax on top of the fabric with hot air - make sure not to overdo it, or else the wax will start to melt. Hang the pair in a cool dry place for at least 24 hours before it is ready to run the streets again.

The Alternative

If you feel like the whole process of waxing your jeans is too tedious and you would like something brand new, you might want to elevate your closet with these statement pieces.


Omari Waxed Jeans

Omari Waxed Jeans

Keep your streetwear clean with a pair of waxed stacked jeans you know will get you compliments everywhere you go. 


Omari White Stitch


Omari White Stitch


If you’re really trying to step it up and show off with some details—the Omari White Stitch is the go-to jeans. These will have you feeling like a rockstar whenever you step out on your next date.

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