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by Binny Zheng September 15, 2020 2 min read

Throughout the past several months, the world has seen just about every type of face covering that the universe has to offer. Whether it be designer face masks that could run you up a few hundred dollars, or simple DIY coverings made at home (I've even seen someone put a tortilla on their face in order to be allowed into a walmart), there is no question that face masks are a must have in any situation.

Now that many states are opening more activities back up, we've decided to break down the three most common types of face masks and their effectiveness.

1. N95 Respirators

N95 masks are widely known to be the most protective face masks out there--reflecting their name because they block out 95% percent of particles. They are designed to keep out any airborne infectious diseases and are extremely effective. But while these masks provide the most amount of protection, the world is in a shortage of supply and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Protection) recommends that the general public saves these for health care workers and first responders. With safe social distancing precautions, most other masks will be sufficient to protect you from harm.

2. Cloth Masks

Cloth masks are extremely popular due to the customization and design that they allow. We've seen tons of brands come out with their own cloth masks, and also people sewing their own at home. These masks come in all colors and patterns and look great with your outfits. But how well do they protect you and others? The answer lies in the type of material used to make them. Some fabrics are better than others, and the thicker the fabric, the more droplets and particles that they filter out. Cloth masks are difficult to perfect, because the fabric needs to be protective enough while still allowing you to breathe. Here at Akings, we've managed to find a perfect balance. To add a statement face mask to your outfit, check out our python face mask made from black leather and polyester lining for filtration.

3. Disposable Surgical Masks

The most common type of mask we see is disposable masks. And for good reason! These masks are light and comfortable, and allow for easy breathing and all day wear. Designed to be thrown out after one use, these masks are great for those who are out for long periods of time or still have to go to work. They aren't as great as N95 masks for blocking out droplets or particles, but are made to keep sick people from spreading germs to others. It is recommended that everyone wears a mask at all times when encountering other people, because even if you don't have symptoms you may still carry COVID-19. The best way to keep viruses from spreading is to contain them and protect yourself and those around you. Here is the link to our favorite black disposable face masks.


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