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by Susanna Van October 20, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

AKthesavior, the American recording artist from Brooklyn, NY, in Omari pants - the Japanese waxed denim with buckles and belt stripes.
Wanna feel like a rockstar? Then you should try wearing the AKINGSNY Omari pants. AK is wearing the Omari pant styled with an A/W16 AK denim jacket and a plain black tee. He styled the fit with a pair of Saint Laurent high top leather sneakers in black and blue.

AK did a great job styling the Omari denim since he added his own personal touch in the outfit. He color-coordinated the blue color from his hair color with his pair of shoes to create a stronger, cooler and more rad look - which I believe he did great with by being creative. These pants are outstanding and are totally giving us an instant rockstar vibe. The denim jacket was a great pick from his side, as well as the plain black tee. His upper part of choice is soft which is good since the pants are much rougher in the style with the buckles and belt stripes, so as a result, it balances out the full look. He accessorized the fit with a plain silver chain. His choice of fit has a great balance between the old school rockstar vibe and today's urban lifestyle vibe.

I personally would style Omari it in the same concept as AK. However, I would style these pants with lighter colors on the upperparts. In order to create a fresher contrast between the dark and rough look from the pants, I would add lighter colors, for example, a plain white tee with a thin black bomber jacket. Or a black oversized blazer for a more casual yet cool fit with a black printed tee. The options with the choice of shoes, I would go for the classical white Air force 1's low-top or the classical black low-top Vans. Just perfect for the urban lifestyle.

The Omari pants are inspired by the 80's rockstar style. A perfect pair of black matte waxed denim pants, definitely ready to be worn on stage. Additional details such as the buckles and belt straps are inspired by the 70's punk rock and grunge style.

Author: Susanna Van

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Destino Singletary

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