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by Susanna Van October 20, 2019 2 min read

Steve Aoki, the American electro- house DJ and music producer, is one of many celebrities that have been seen proudly wearing one of the premium denim of AKINGSNY. He was seen wearing the Dallas denim on March 6 at his own tour.

Who is Dallas?
Dallas is one of the denim that belongs to the premium denim collection of AKINGSNY. As we can see from the pictures it is a pair of denim with a very bold character. The denim is a combination of stripes and checks that gives this interesting and inspiring flow look. The idea behind this playful design was to create two consistent patterns combined together. Dallas has a slim tapered fit.

Steve Aoki styled the Dallas AKSINGNY denim with a printed white T-shirt by Dim Mak collection.

In my opinion, he was able to create a very playful outfit with the combinations. The white t-shirt with black and yellow print was a good choice since it definitely neutralized the upper part. He did a good choice to not remove the attention away from the bold Dallas denim. The utility jacket with a full color of khaki and some light patches was a nice finish on his total look.

How would I personally style Dallas?
For a more formal style, I would go with a plain black oversize sweater together with a pair of a black high top boot such as the Saint Laurent Wyatt Harness boot. This is a perfect way to not mix too many patterns together since it can easily look very messy and confusing, which can take the attention away from the pants. I would also add some detailed accessories such as statement rings or sunglasses or the AKINGSNY chest rig to create a stronger look.

For a more casual wear look, I would style the Dallas with a black or grey denim jacket along with a plain white tee or turtleneck. You can also break the whole look by adding some color like a yellow, under the black denim jacket just to make the outfit look more interesting. Lastly, I would style this look with a pair of black CDG high-top converse and some nice accessories. 

It is very easy to style Dallas with plain pieces since the denim already has its own boldness. I would also recommend you to dare to mix these pants with different materials on upper part pieces. For example, it could work with a plain oversized wool shirt (you can do with either a long or short sleeved, it all depends on what type of look you want to go for). Or even an oversized silk shirt tucked in, with a nice belt. (You can also unbutton a few buttons of the silk shirt and add different length necklaces to get a rougher look).

The patterns of Dallas is inspired by the styles and cultures of NYC - vibrant and diverse. Every patch that is stitched on the denim, is made by experts in the highest quality. Dallas is available on the AKINGNY website.

Author: Susanna Van

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