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by Alan King October 20, 2019 1 min read

Some of you have questioned the peculiar shape of our denim, as an unorthodox shape to the common straight leg silhouette.  Instead, we use an inward J-Silhouette that always leaves people questioning its purpose.

The extended J-shape of our jeans makes the stacks on our denim possible.  This is something that some denim cannot replicate as their inseam measurements are relative to your leg's measurements.  So they'll often fit to you just right, but without the stacks. Like a regular straight leg.



We introduced our first J-Shape denim on the James raw denim as a way to add more depth to its silhouette. It seemed like raw denim was two-dimensional and needed a different shape to truly grasp it's unique nature.

With the popularity of denim stacks rising, we introduced more styles with the J Shape Silhouette. Such was the case of the Kyle Cargo, a twist on a classic baggy pants like the cargo. Known for it's baggy fit and numerous stash pockets, we decided to make our first cargos slimmer and add our J cut as a signature of our craft.

Now we boast a full collection of jeans with this cut, all of which you can find by clicking the denim tab above or clicking this link



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