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by Catherine Navarette May 31, 2021 3 min read

People nowadays are very open-minded to any fashion trends regardless of what time it was originated. They opt for a piece of clothing that can give them satisfaction and at the same time, captivate their interest in its design. 

Many people can’t go out without bags. One that can be worn by shoulders, handheld, or wear across the body. The great thing about fashion is that it always changes and moves forward.

What is a Crossbody Bag?

It all started two centuries ago, crossbody bags are discovered by messengers for delivering letters. The use of a bike by messengers made it a pain to carry something by hand, so a bag that could be worn across their body made their jobs that much easier.

Now, crossbody bags are a staple piece in men's and women's outfit for going out for a walk or travelling. The sleek design makes it a must-have for those looking to keep their essentials with them at all times: Extra cash, credit cards, a book to read, passports and in some cases an iPad.

AKings Crossbody bag black

As time goes by, it has become a trend that not only can provide security but can also be a fashion statement.

The Popularity of Crossbody Bags in Today’s Fashion

Prominent fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent are exploring ways to make crossbody bags functional yet fashionable.

If you want a bag to match your clean-look streetwear, here’s Prada’s technical fabric crossbody bag with padded mesh fabric and adjustable woven nylon straps. 

Prada black crossbody bag

Want to keep it minimal? Check out Gucci’s horsebit 1955 mini crossbody bag for a polished look.

Gucci black crossbody bag

Why Switch to Crossbody Bags?

Here are the reasons why people like crossbody bags:

  • Instant access

This is one of the fastest ways to get your things out of the bag. No need to remove it from your body like backpacks just to get something as soon as possible.

  • Comfortable

Crossbody bags can be made from denim, leather, or cotton fabrics. You can pick one based on your preference. Not only the comfort of its fabric but also it distributes the weight between your back and shoulders.

  • Valuable’s Security

Thief cant snatch your crossbody bags easily. Plus, you can keep an eye on your valuables at all times.

  • Not Handheld

Perfect for people who could not afford to keep their hands occupied. You can move freely with crossbody bags and they do not tend to slip off like shoulder bags.

  • Versatile and Adjustable

These bags can also act as sling bags over your shoulder. Most crossbody bags have adjustable straps so you can alter their height easily.

  • Designs

Fashion companies now offer crossbody bags to the market with their trademark designs. Crossbody bags can be matched with most casual outfits.

Who Wears It?

  • It has become a fashion staple of both men and women in this century as a go-to bag

  • Workers who preferred hands-free bags. These workers tend to perform technical operations.

  • For active people who like to do outdoor exercises like jogging in the park or even hiking

  • Both men and women who like to keep their valuable with extra security

  • Celebrities like wearing them because of their versatility to match their outfit

Basically, crossbody bags are for everyone who’s always on the go or loves the idea of carrying around their daily essentials so they’re always prepared.

When and Where Can You Use it?

Crossbody bags are very versatile. You can use them anytime, anywhere. Here are some event ideas to use your crossbody bags:

  • As a lightweight bag for parties and travelling

  • Best to take for quick classes in College Universities

  • As a go-to summer bag

  • A fashion accessory to match your outfit

    Outfit Ideas to Match Your Crossbody Bags

    Paint Splatter Crossbody Bags contain the right mix of colors to level up your casual-wear. With two AK branded zippered pockets to easily separate valuables.

    Its shoulder straps are adjustable and detachable to match your preference.

    Paint splatter crossbody bags are best to wear for hangout with friends in the city and attending parties.

    Match your crossbody bag with a Paint Splatter Hat, Arachnid Tee with AK logo, and paint splatter stacked jeans to get your outfit in sync with each other.

    AKings black crossbody bag

    black Japanese denim crossbody bag is perfect to wear with skinny fit Howard to step up your denim game. These clothing have matching silver-tone zippers best to wear during social gatherings and as a daily go-to outfit.

    AKings Black Crossbody bag


    👉 Paint Splatter Crossbody Bag

    👉 Black Crossbody Bag

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