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by Catherine Navarette June 04, 2021 5 min read

As fashion evolve over time, one thing never changes. And that is our love for jeans.

Jeans are an investment you’ll never regret. It's easy to style and comfortable to wear in any season. 

For men, the process of finding jeans with perfect fitting and inseam length will be easier by investing in these brands that made their way to the top as one of the best companies to sell quality jeans.

Here are the best jeans companies you can rely on to find your perfect fit jeans.

Note that the list is not in a particular order.



AKINGS designs clothing that makes you feel like a King.

AKINGS signature J-shaped denim is designed to have a “one inseam for all” solution to solve the problem of finding the perfect fitting jeans. 

AKINGS was featured by many popular publications such as GQ, Vogue, and Forbes due to its outstanding performance as a New York fashion brand.

Celebrities like Kyle Kuzma, Lil Nas X, and Steve Aoki already have AKINGS’ jeans in their wardrobe. Ready to feel like a Rockstar? Click here.

What are J-shape jeans?

J-cut or J-shape jeans, as the name suggests, are jeans that are curved in the legs. 

J-Shaped Jeans blue denim

AKINGS J-shaped jeans perfectly fit anyone who is either 4’11 to 6’7’’ tall or anyone in between. The J-shape silhouette allows you to have enough room for the thigh and a tapered fit at the bottom to make your legs look proportional to your body shape.

What are stacked jeans?

Stacked jeans also known as elongated jeans, curved jeans, or extended jeans, are all about letting the excess fabric layered on top of itself to create coveted stacked effects.

Brands like AKINGS solve the problem of finding jeans that will fit your height.

This is largely due to the nature of the jeans stacks, where the excess fabric at the legs (all of their jeans have a 35-inch inseam) will naturally stack at the legs in a sleek cut. That way an average person 5’9” and an NBA player can wear the same inseam without worrying about tailoring their jeans to fit their heights. 

That way an average person (5’9” tall) and an NBA player can wear the same inseam without worrying about tailoring their jeans to fit their heights. 

If you want to know more about styling stacked jeans, check out this blog.

Can a 5’’ tall woman and 6’’ tall guy fit the same J-shaped stacked jeans?

Yes! That is the power of J-shaped stacked jeans. Check out the pictures below.       

Ludlow Jeans for men and women

Before, Jenny couldn't find jeans that could fit her without looking too baggy on the hips and being too long for the inseams. After trying on her first pair of stacked jeans, she found that women could find their sizes in AKINGS jeans.

Ludlow jeans are stretch denim jeans that are available for both genders, like all of our other jeans, whose height is between 4’11 and 6’11’’ tall. 

AKINGS J-shape jeans are gender-inclusive. For women, check this guide to find out your size in AKINGS. For men, click here to see our size chart.

Best Known for: J-shape Jeans, Stacked Jeans, Waxed Jeans, 8’’ Deep Pocket Jeans

Style: Elevated Streetwear, Techwear, Cyberpunk, Rock, City Wear, Urban Ninja, Goth Ninja

Best-selling Jeans: Omari Waxed/Black/White Stitch, Kyle Black/BlueDanielLudlow

Omari black waxed jeans for men

Socials: Instagram - @alanking and @akingsny

              Facebook: AKINGS

              TikTok: @alankingny and @akingsny

2. Acne Studios

Acne Studios logo

ACNE stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.

Acne Studios is all about creativity. They make jeans with top-notch attention to detail using organic materials. They custom-develop fabric to elevate their jeans’ comfort level.

Acne studios’ jeans for men are usually mid-waist height and in the color of light wash blue, denim blue, white, and solid black. 

Best Known for: Straight-leg Jeans, Stretch Denim, Classic and Loose-fit Jeans, Ready-to-wear Jeans

Style: Minimalist Scandi Jeans, Cuff Jeans, Street Style, Office Wear, Casual Wear

Best Selling: North Stay Slim Fit JeansBlack Loose-fit JeansLight Blue Loose-fit Jeans

Acne Studios Light Blue Loose Fit Denim Jeans for Men



Fear of God logo

Fear of God founder, Jerry Lorenzo, started this brand to solve the struggle of finding the perfect type of jeans for his clients in his previous job. 

The brand is specialized in creating classic casual pieces such as sweatpants, tracksuits, and hoodies.

Lorenzo uses cultural figures to incorporate them in his products including the concept of fictional rebel archetype and rebellion.

Best Known for: Pleated Pants, Cargo Pants, Tracksuits, Graphic Overlays, Slim Fit

Style: Traditional Menswear, Sportswear, Culture, Heavy Metal, Nirvana, Vintage

Best SellingCanva JeanMilitary Cargo PantsBondage Pants

Military Cargo Pants - Fear of God


True Religion logo

True Religion started 19 years ago with their trademark five-pocket jeans. Years later, True Religion developed their signature Super T-stitch style to match their sleek design concepts. 

True Religion has been fashion-forward and dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship to its clothing. 

TR's iconic horseshoe stitch is based on the silhouette of a Buddha’s smile and they make sure to incorporate it into the design of their jeans. 

What people like about their collection is that their jeans are available from size 27 to 46. 

Best Known for: Five-pocket Jeans, Fit Denim, Fearless Self-expression Clothing, Straight-leg Jeans, Super T-stitching, Horseshoe Stitch, Relaxed fit

Style: Roman History-inspire Denim, Swagger, Silhouette Jeans

Best SellingRicky Super T Straight JeanRicky Big T Straight Jean



Purple Brand Jeans Logo

The Purple Brand is dedicated to creating collections of men’s denim and luxury basics. They aim to solve personal problems such as finding the perfect jeans with reasonable price points. 

The team spent years traveling the world to find the right production partners to create top-quality products and innovative details.

The brand’s collection of men’s jeans covers a wide spectrum of colors. Their design includes 3D wrinkle effects with an innovative resin coating to perfect the look.

Best Known for: Wrinkled Effect Design, Abrasion on the Hem, Black Resin Jeans, Raw Denim, Straight-leg Denim, Skinny & Slim Fit

Style: Silhouette Jeans, Cargo, Streetwear Luxury Fashion, Low-rise Jeans

Best Selling: Vintage Venus WashBlack Multi Pant RepairLight Indigo Painter Jeans

Purple Brand Jeans



The founder of the brand, Mike Amiri, started the company in 2014 to start on a luxury fashion label that is known for hand-embellished jeans.

Amiri’s clothing is inspired by punk culture with heavily deconstructed fabric. Their freestyle designs made it a trend to achieve a polished look by just wearing their signature jeans.

Best Known for: Ripped Jeans, Skinny Denim, Abrasions and Distressed Design, Suede Patches, Skinny Fit, Taper Fit

Style: Rock, Grunge, Punk, Luxury Denim, Rock, Italian Distressed Jeans, Streetwear, Casualwear

Best SellingMX1 Leather Banana JeanMX1 Suede JeanChemist Leather Stars Jean

Chemist Leather Stars Jean AMIRI jeans for men


KSUBI brand logo

It all started in 1999, the brand’s founders are unsatisfied with the limited range of denim fits on the market. This situation led to the creation of the Ksubi Clothing Brand.

Now, Ksubi is one of the most coveted Australian fashion brands in the world. Trusted by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Ruby Rose, and ASAP Rocky.

The brand consistently listens to their customers’ needs to provide more high-quality jeans with sleek designs.

Best Known for: Ripped Denim, Stonewash Colors, Relaxed & Slim Fit, Straight-cut Jeans

Style: Stretch Jeans, Streetwear, Casualwear, Office Wear, Deliberate Unfussy Style, Raw Denim, Mid-Rise Jeans, Silhouette Jeans

Best Selling: Chitch Krow KrushedChitch Boneyard BlackVan Winkle Jean Black Rebel

Chitch Krow Krushed KSUBI jeans for men

8. APC

APC Brand logo

APC jeans are best known for being simple yet very functional garments. Their jeans are loved by celebrities due to their popular Japanese selvedge denim.

This French Clothing Brand is one of the best companies that offer the perfect go-to jeans for daily festivities.

Best Known for: Raw Denim, Simple Clothing, Straight-Cut Jeans, Low to Mid-Rise Jeans, Skinny Fit

Style: Japanese Selvedge Denim, Clean-cut Silhouette, Minimalist Style, Casual Elegance, Office Wear, Street Wear

Best SellingPetit StandardPetit New StandardMartin Jeans

APC Martin Jeans for Men


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