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by Binny Zheng March 19, 2021 3 min read

During this pandemic, masks have become part of everyone's daily lives. .. They’ve been one of the reasons for the decline in Covid-19 in alot of countries, butone downer most masks have is that they were not designed to be fashionable. With nearly every country requiring face masks still in 2021 and the CDC even recommending double masking, it’s safe to say face masks are a part of our daily essentials.  

Even celebrities have come up with their own ways to stay fashionable. They know the importance of looking good in those outfit street style snaps to taking fit pics in the comfort of their own homes. One of the ways they do so is through black disposable face masks.But, what’s so special about it? 

AKINGS Black Face Mask

Black face masks are all over the market, but there’s a good reason as to why celebrities prefer Akings’ Black Face Mask. Besides being a well-known fashion brand that’s setting trends of today, it’s taking steps to provide a versatile, full-functional face mask. 

Hailey Bieber in Disposable Black Face Mask

Hailey Bieber street fashion in black face mask

As seen on: Who What WearPHOTO: GOTHAM/GETTY IMAGES 

Chic applique

Since black is a highly versatile color, it works with literally anything you will wear. Since it’s made from almost the same material as surgical masks, it provides a to-go look with just the right amount of chic. 

Look good while staying safe, Akings Black Face Mask is the perfect fashionable face mask to match all your outfits. It also comes with soft, stretchy ear loops that provide comfort and a secured fit on your face

4-Ply Disposable Mask

Masks that are 4-ply or 4 layers provide an extra layer which is better than 3-ply masks. These layers include 3 non-woven layers and 1 SMS melt-blown layer to shield you from droplets in the air. 

The non-woven material has been recommended to serve as a filter against COVID-19, which Akings decided to apply in their black face mask. With 3 layers of this, you’ll get the most out of the protection you’ll need! On the other hand, the SMS layer is made of polypropylene, an effective filter against COVID-19.


Made out of breathable filters, catching your breath won’t be an issue. Akings wanted to make sure that all mask-wearers would be satisfied with their masks’ breathability. This is to keep them looking poised and professional while being protected. 

Good for everyday wear

Since black works with all colors, you can wear this mask anywhere, at any event. It also helps that the mask is able to fit any situation—whether formal, semi-formal, or casual. You can step out for a brunch, dinner, or anywhere wearing a black face mask. 

Hygienic and low-maintenance

AKINGS’ black face mask is also disposable. This makes it hygienic and low-maintenance for all its users because they could easily throw it away after use.


Black is a classic color for a good reason. Because of its simple yet elegant nature, you can easily style this mask with anything you want to wear. Whether it’s high-top or low-top shoes, sneakers, or boots, the mask would be a nice touch. You have the freedom to choose whether you’d dress up or dress down! 


Besides being an essential for health and safety, Akings’ black face mask is also a closet essential. It is not just any basic black item in your closet. It may seem pretty low-key, but it shines brightly on its own. 

So, for those searching for a mask to fit your minimalistic looks, get your black face mask now!

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