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by Binny Zheng March 17, 2021 5 min read

We all have moments in which we think back at what we wore maybe 2-3 years ago. A lot of people felt this way with the cargo pants trend.

You had really baggy fitted pants with equally enormous pockets for storing things you can’t even remember. They even had cargo shorts at one point too. But like most fashion trends, they’re bound to make a comeback and it’s not hard to see why.

There’s a new market of people that appreciate the use of tactical pockets on cargo denim for both men and women. Whether you’re a photographer looking to store extra equipment on set without having an oversized bag or the everyday city adventurer looking for functionality in clothing, you’ll find slim fitted cargos essential in your day-to-day outfits.


Because cargos borrow some influences from military wear, you’ll find that various extra storage pockets attached to the side—are purely rooted in functionality, modern takes on the pant have proven that it can be recreated both as a homage to the pants' original use.

A man putting a phone inside the pocket of black straight cut cargo denim jeans

Nowadays, it isn’t surprising to see a shift in the cargo’s silhouette into the sleek and discrete staple pants that some brands like AKINGS and G-Star Raw have developed into their collections.

Take the AKINGS Kyle Cargo jeans as an example, their front pockets each have an additional twin pocket, making it easier to store extra cash or even just keep your AirPods at hand at all times. And with the increased popularity in techwear and mountaineering, more and more people are looking for functionality beyond the looks.

Pockets of black cargo denim jeans


Cargo pants have always had the reputation of being incredibly durable. This is why they are often used for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking.

Some of the most notable outdoor brands like Arc'teryx know that durability in their cargos cannot be compromised and have used some of the most innovative technology to ensure their cargos last for years to come.

If you participate in rough outdoor jobs or activities, you know just how important it is for your gear to be reliable enough to take a beating and a lot of wear. These pants will have to take a lot to break, and they’ll need to be constructed with the most durable, yet lightest materials.


If you’re in the market for a functional cargo that you can wear day and day out without having to worry about durability, chances are, you want this cargo to be as comfortable as possible. While the slim fitted cargo has taken popularity within the last few years with brands like Acronym have taken comfort to the next level. Often taking moisture-wicking and light shell materials, the Munich-based brand fuses style and technology together to make some of the most comfortable and functional cargos.

Blue gradient wash on denim cargo pants

Easy to Style

Regardless of which route you end up in, cargo pants are a great choice if you’re constantly looking for reliable pants that serve a bigger purpose aside from making you good. With different colors to choose from such as Kyle Blue and Kyle Snap Cargo, your options are open to deciding which pair of cargos you’ll take on your next adventure.

Black stitch orange denim cargo pants

How to Style Cargo Pants?

Here are the best cargo pants outfit ideas to elevate your daily fits.

Casual Wear

If you’re running out of ideas on how to pull off an all-black minimalist look, a black Peace T-Shirt and Black Kyle snap cargo are the perfect outfit combination you can wear anytime, anywhere.

This workwear classic will give you a refreshing look during the daytime and it will get even better at night. The Peace T-Shirt has a glow-in-the-dark effect that will highlight your style and make you stand out from the crowd. Click here to know how you can achieve the best glow of your Peace T-Shirt.

Black shirt, denim cargo pants, and white sneakers outfit for men

Office Wear

Tired of wearing the same black jeans to the office? Many people find it boring to wear the same color of pants every day. On the other hand, colored pants are tricky to pair, and it might be time-consuming to find Tees that will look good with them.

If you’re looking for some elevated streetwear you can pull off in the city, pair your Kyle snap cargo in olive color with a Dyed Recruit Tee.

I know it’s a hassle to bring a bag during break time just so you can keep your phone, wallet, and keys with you. Fortunately, this techwear-inspired outfit can be your new favorite office wear. The Kyle cargo has 11 discrete pockets so you won’t need to carry a bag every time you’re going out during office breaks.

Grey cotton shirt and olive green denim cargo pants for men outfit


For city adventures, keep the hype going with AKINGS Floral Satin Shirt and cargo pants. The button-down shirt is wrinkle-resistant so you can move freely while maintaining the dripped look.

Vacation outfit, floral satin button-down long sleeves shirt and black cargo pants men

Summer Outfit

During summertime, white Tees are your best friend. But sometimes, white Tees are not enough to make a statement every time you go out. The best solution for this well-known fashion problem is to explore graphic shirts!

AKINGS white Tree of Life T-shirt will keep you fresh during the hot season. Pair it with red Kyle Snap Cargo and Celine Z Trainer CT-01 High-top Sneakers to look fly in the city.

Graphic cotton shirt, red summer cargo pants, and Celine high top sneakers outfit for men

Vacation Outfit of the Day

Going out for a vacation sounds fun, but the outfit preparation to make that event memorable might be a hassle to think about. Whether you’re up for a museum exploration or wanting to enjoy the summer heat on the beach, the first outfit you’ll wear will surely make an impression.

One of the first things to do when arriving at your destination is to take firsthand Instagrammable photos. It’s time to show off your luxurious style with a black Bandana Satin Shirt and Black Nylon Cargo Snap Pants. This retro-futuristic look will definitely make you feel like a King.

Black Bandana Satin Shirt and Black Nylon Cargo Snap Pants Outfit for Men


This outfit is all about taking your Golf attire to a new level. Bright-colored Kyle Snap CargoAnarchy Polo, and a pair of Celine Z trainers have the perfect balance of a casual and cool vibe all in one outfit.

Golf attire outfit for men - black polo, orange cargo pants, and Celine high top sneakers

During cold nights, wear this silhouette and a Split-tone Denim Hoodie with kangaroo pockets to keep you cozy and warm.

Orange denim with a Split-tone black and white denim hoodie with kangaroo pockets

For a Rockstar look, try AKINGS Moto Leather Jacket.

Winter Essentials

Speaking of hoodies and cargos, this dope streetwear will let you steal the spotlight.

Atelier Zip HoodieAKINGS Logo Mock Neck T-Shirt, and Kyle Snap Cargo in olive are best to wear for casual hangouts with friends.

Black zip jacket, mock neck tee, olive green cargo pants winter outfit for men

Another winter outfit to try with your High Top sneakers is a combination of AKINGS blue bomber jacket, Kyle Blue, and Arachnid T-Shirt.

AKINGS blue bomber jacket, Kyle Blue cargo pants, and Cotton black Tee Shirt 


Choose your silhouette here:

J-shape jeans 👉 BlackBlue

Straight leg jeans 👉 BlackOliveRedOrange

Can’t decide what to get? Check out ComethazineLil Baby, and other celebrities wearing our cargos here.

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