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by Catherine Navarette July 24, 2021 2 min read

Following the public launch of the Anarchy collection, we will double up this season’s excitement with a new capsule to kick off the month of August.

The founder and designer of AKINGS, Alan King created the new Paint Splatter capsule inspired by the painters working on their craft in the studio. 

They splatter paint on themselves from working so hard in the studio every day. Everything that they touch is a product of their craft even when it means getting a bit messy in the process.
You will notice some of these details as some hats may have paint on the brim. Similar to when a painter touches or brushes against his hat in the middle of his work.

- Alan King

IG: @alanking

TikTok: @alankingny

Some pieces on the capsule are the versions of the original designs but with a touch of paint splatter just like on the brim of the hats, edges of the jeans’ waistband, tee shirts, and crossbody bags.

AKINGS Paint Splatter Collection - Bag, Hat, Shirt, Jeans

The signature J-shape jeans of this capsule feature bright mixed-colored jeans and dark silhouettes with deep pockets to elevate your style without compromising the functionality of the jeans. It will be easier to travel around the city with these skinny fit jeans with four 8” deep skyscraper pockets that can fit any modern smartphone on the market.

Dark color Black Stonewash J-Shape Stacked Jeans Men

For people who are always on the move, the Daniels and the Liam stacked jeans have enough stretch for daily adventures.

Skinny Fit Raw Denim Black Designer Stacked Jeans Men

From a formal gathering, reunion, dinner dates, to casual hangouts with friends, James raw denim jeans are the perfect bottom wear to feel like a Rockstar. 

Skinny J-Shape Designer Stacked Jeans Men

To take the denim game to another level, AKINGS Bowery stacked jeans are popular with both men and women because of their sleek design, acid splatter details, and comfort level.

Skinny fit wash stretch denim distressed harness strap acid splatter jeans men

J-shape jeans in this capsule are available from sizes 28-38, and 28-40 for the James stacked jeans.

The Paint Splatter capsule has the best pieces to wear for a smooth transition from summer to fall season. The Scar Tee and Paint Splatter hat are a great combination with any AKINGS stretch jeans to stay cool during this summer.

For cold breezy nights and unforgettable events, the Victor Black Denim Jacket is easy to style with the clothes and sneakers you already own.

Designer Black Denim Jacket AKINGS

Elsewhere in the capsule, are the retro-inspired Hisoka JacketDaniel Sherbet, and the Paint Splatter Crossbody Bag with adjustable and detachable straps.

AKINGS Paint Splatter Collection -  Crossbody Bag, Hisoka Jacket, Multi Color Jeans Men

These pieces will be available online at 12 PM EST, August 31, 2021. If you’re from NYC, schedule an appointment to personally fit your favorite pieces here.

We are planning to release more designer capsules and collections in the future, with new styling guide and social media posts to connect with anyone in the world. Follow our FacebookInstagram, and TikTok account for more updates.

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