by Binny Zheng September 04, 2020 1 min read

The FDA has issued a new warning for hand sanitizers:
Beware of hand sanitizers that are being sold in food packaging.
Some hand sanitizers on the market are being sold in containers and pouches that resembles that of food packaging. The FDA has also discovered that certain hand sanitizers contain flavors like chocolate or raspberry.

Why this poses a danger to you:

  • These hand sanitizers can be easily mistaken for food or drinks
  • If ingested, it can cause serious health issues
  • Kids might not know the difference and will be even more susceptible
  • Hand sanitizer contains a ton of alcohol so that it can effectively kill viruses and bacteria - ingesting any amount is highly dangerous

Several people have already fallen ill or experienced health complications — including cardiac issues, problems with the central nervous system, and death. Shop with peace of mind at AKINGS - we guarantee are products are safe to use and don't contain toxic ingredients like methanol. 


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