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by Catherine Navarette August 24, 2021 5 min read

With the growing rate of Coronavirus cases all over the world, face masks have become one of the top essentials we need to wear every time we’re going out.

Whether you’re fully vaccinated or not, you should wear a face cover outside your home to protect yourself and the people around you.

Since 2019, many companies have released trendy prints of mouth covers to encourage people to wear them more often. Before buying your masks online, read the CDC guidelines to be knowledgeable on what type of face mask you should get and how to properly use them.

The Best Face Mask to Wear for Any Season

Black-colored masks are everyone’s top choice in choosing a design for a protective face mask. It is very easy to style with any outfit and it will give you extra impressions for your minimalist taste. From formal events to casual hangouts, black mouth masks are suitable for any occasion. Click here to know why many people opt for black disposable face masks.

Disposable black face masks

AKINGS solid black disposable face mask has a metal nose bridge to create the best fit for your face. It would also minimize the chances of your eyeglasses fogging up when used correctly.

These 4-ply face masks have 3 non-woven layers and 1 SMS melt-brown layer for extra protection.

4-ply disposable black face mask set box

AKINGS disposable mouth masks are sealed in packs of 10 so you will have some spares you can store inside your bag or car in case you lose your mask.

These face masks offer 95% particle protection and are also available in blue.

Black Reusable Face Masks for Winter and Fall Season

Leather face masks will keep you warm and give you protection against the cold wind during the winter and fall seasons. Not only are they fashionable but they’re also comfortable to wear.

Vegan Python Face Mask

There are many ways to have a luxurious look at a budget-friendly price. Vegan Python masks have hand-etched air holes for breathability and a polyester lining filtration layer for better protection. The reflective fabric and sleek texture of this reusable mask are best to pair with a black leather jacket and waxed jeans to complete the Rockstar look. Vegan Python masks are made of synthetic leather, this is a better choice for people who don’t like to wear animal skin.

Vegan Python masks synthetic leather

If you’re going outside and want to grab some attention without going all out with your outfit, a black leather mask will do the trick and make you stand out.

Python Face Mask

If you’re down for something that can take your outfit to the next level, why not try something with more texture and character? This mask has the same protective qualities as the Vegan Python face mask but has more charm and a natural appearance.

Leather Python Face Mask

Not sure what to chose between Vegan Python and Python leather masks? Click here to know their differences.

TIP: Get them both so you can try different masks for different occasions.

Onyx Face Mask

For people who like to keep it simple but want to make a statement, you’ll definitely like this minimalist leather Onyx face mask. Best to pair with a light-colored shirt and skinny fit stonewash jeans.

minimalist leather Onyx face mask

For more variations of AKINGS leather masks, check out the Metallic Bronze Cowhide, and Dust Gold reusable face masks.

Metallic Purple, Metallic Bronze Cowhide, and Dust Gold reusable face masks

Disposable Vs. Reusable Face Masks: Which One Should You Choose?

Most countries allocate their medical-grade disposable face masks for the health workers and give their citizens a choice to use reusable face covers. Quality reusable masks have 60% filtration efficacy but disposable face masks are the best option as they offer up to 95% particle protection.

How to style black face masks?

Black masks are versatile and can be worn with any outfit you have. The best outfit to pull off during the cold season is the combination of Black Atelier HoodiePython Leather MaskJason Stacked JeansTriple Pants Chain, and Nike Air Force 1 High Top Sneakers.

Winter outfit Black Atelier Hoodie, Python leather mask, Jason Stacked Jeans, Triple Pants Chain, and Nike Air Force 1 High Top Sneakers

For a more edgy look and Rockstar vibe, go all out with a Python mask, dark-colored jacket, and skinny fit Jason raw denim.

Python leather reusable black mask, dark-colored jacket, and skinny fit Jason raw denim

To achieve the refreshing look while being protected, style your Vegan Python face mask with a white Anarchy Logo Tee.

A man wearing vegan python leather black face mask with white tee shirt outfit

Celebrities Wearing AKINGS Face Masks

Pop artists like Ariana Grande wore our disposable face masks during her performance with Lady Gaga at VMAs 2020.

Celebrity Ariana Grande wearing AKINGS black disposable face mask in VMA 2020

Hailey Bieber was spotted in Milan Fashion Week wearing AKINGS black face mask.

Celebrity Hailey Bieber in Milan Fashion Week wearing AKINGS black face mask

More celebrities wearing our masks here.


How long should I wear my disposable face mask?

It is advisable to only wear them for 4 to 8 hours single use.

How long should I wear my reusable face mask?

Wash your face mask every after use. Reusable face masks can be washed up to 30 times to ensure their effectiveness every use.

What is the best mouth cover for people with a smaller face? What face masks are best to use for kids?

AKINGS masks are one size fits all. Our masks have elasticated earloops for better fitting. AKINGS First Aid Face Masks run a little smaller and are recommended for kids and adults with a smaller face. Learn more about these masks here.

Is a 4-ply face mask better than a 3 ply face mask?
For better protection, opt for a 4-ply mask. Check out this blog to know more.

Are two masks better than one?

Some countries require their people to wear a disposable face mask with an extra reusable cloth mask on top for better protection. Click here to learn more.

How to take care of leather face masks?

AKINGS leather face covers are reusable so make sure you know how to clean them while preserving the quality and the texture. Use mild detergent and warm water in washing your leather garments. Use a soft fabric to damp the soapy solution to the mask and let it air dry after the washing process. Note that leather masks are not intended to be machine washed. For more tips in taking care of your leather clothes, check out this blog.

What is the size of your face mask?

AKINGS disposable face masks are 6.9 x 3.7 inch that is suitable for both kids and adults.

Is 100% cotton cloth face mask effective?

Cloth face masks usually don’t have a nose wire in them and some are too thick that many people are having trouble breathing while wearing them. As long as your cloth mouth cover has at least two effective layers, it can help to protect you from microbes. Quality cloth face masks have 60% particle protection. You can also use them as a dust filter when cleaning something.


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