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by Binny Zheng February 04, 2021 3 min read

Raw denim has been popular for decades. There are many benefits that are associated with raw denim that makes it worth the hype. This includes extended durability, better value for money, and customized comfort and fit over long-term wear. A lot of people tend to assume that raw denim is only for men, but women love raw denim as well! With the benefits of raw jeans mentioned above, you may be wondering what are the best raw denim brands for women. Here are our top three:


Atelier de Production et de Creation or more commonly known as A.P.C was established in Parish in 1987 by a Tunisian designer. This brand focuses on creating minimalist designs, clean lines, and simple patterns. Aside from that they also became well known for introducing a line of jeans made from Japanese raw denim. 

A.P.C is also among those who launched the “dry-denim revolution” when they released their collection of jeans such as New Standard, Petit Standard, and New Cure, which became a hit to many markets worldwide in the 1980s.

New designs and trends have been introduced by A.P.C. In fact, after more than a decade, A.P.C. is still among the top brands in the U.S.A. and many other countries for raw denims that are known for being customizable, versatile, and practical.

APC women's raw denim indigo jeans




“MADE FOREVER'' is the mantra of AKINGS, the popular future-wear denim brand that was started in the 2017. Their mantra drives them to produce jeans of excellent quality, no matter the era. In fact, AKINGS is the result of American manufacturing that focused on cost-efficient production methods, while still keeping their traditional roots intact.

While many brands face difficulties in production due to the decrease of machinery and manpower available in the denim industry, AKINGS has been constantly producing quality traditional raw denims using modern technology.

So if you are one of the fans of the “old, but gold” denim jeans, make sure to check out AKINGS jeans and try out one of their traditional jeans made with conventional methods.   

Jameson raw denim stacked jeans



Denim enthusiasts would recognize Levis jeans from a mile away. This brand is among the biggest raw denim brands for women and men alike. Aside from being one of the biggest brands in the raw denim industry, Levis is also among the oldest brands. 

The Levis company started out in 1853 when a German immigrated to San Francisco to start out a New York dry goods business. The first series of jeans produced was mainly used as workwear for construction purposes and many other labor jobs. 

Fast forward to a hundred years later, Levis is now known for its durability, and unparalleled personalization feature. In fact, many people prefer wearing worn-out Levis raw denims instead of fresh-from-the-store pairs because of the stylish fadings and the markings on the worn-out jeans.  





Raw jeans might have a higher upfront cost, but you will still be able to get the most out of what you will be paying for because of their durability, looks, and many other features. So, if you are now convinced that raw is better, visit the top three raw denim brands for women and shop now! 

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