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by Catherine Navarette June 22, 2021 5 min read

Jeans, jeans, jeans… Wear ‘em, wash ‘em.

Sometimes, you just need to wear them for a quick errand and thinking, “do I really need to wash them already?”

If your answer is no, you don’t need to feel guilty because that’s the right thing to do!

Jeans can be worn multiple times and only wash them after 5-10 times of use or even once a year.

If you still have your doubt, this blog will explain the proper ways to take care of your jeans, simple and easy!

Do I need to wash my jeans after every use?

Pile of Black Jeans for Men

Well, it depends on how long you wore them and some factors.

But if you just used it to buy something from the store, you don’t have to wash it afterwards.

There are some factors to consider in deciding whether to wash them or not:

  • Smell Check

This indicator is what most people do. If your jeans smell really bad, don’t hesitate and wash them already!

Note that the smell doesn’t measure the overall dirtiness of the jeans.

  • Visible Dirt/Spillages

Spilled food and drinks will make you toss your jeans in the laundry basket after use. If there’s only a minimal spot to be clean, better do the “spot cleaning” technique to wear them again.

  • Usage/Activities

If you use jeans for any active works, it will gather up the sweat from your body and bacteria from the outside world. To prevent the build-up of these particles, it is recommended to wash your jeans more often.

  • Environment

A hot environment will make you sweat even more. While smokey places will make your jeans smell roasted. If you feel itchy after reusing your jeans multiple times, better wash them up.

Some jeans can tolerate frequent washing, but most denim jeans were designed to be worn multiple times before washing them.

How often do I need to wash my jeans?

Again, it depends on the fabric, how long you wore them, and what activity you used it for.

But most jeans can be worn 5 to 10 times before washing them, maybe after 3 months or even a year.

Why shouldn’t I wash my jeans more often?

Most jeans are designed to be worn multiple times. 

Washing jeans frequently will degrade the quality of your jeans. If you want to keep the color and details of your pants, know the proper way to wash them. 

Some washing methods like using a machine will cause the color of the jeans to fade and the fabric to shrink.

What about the germs?

A study made by Josh Le proved that denim jeans don’t collect germs the way other fabrics do.

He wore the same jeans for 15 months, that’s about 330 times without washing them. The study found out that the bacteria level in his jeans contained the same amount of bacteria at the end of 15 months as they did at twelve days of wear.

What happens if I don’t wash my jeans?

Some people only wash their jeans after a year of frequent use. They claim that washing them will break the denim and cause its dye to fade.

Well, it is somehow true but not washing jeans after wearing them repeatedly while doing active works will build up more dirt, sweat, and other bacteria in your pants. 

No worries! There are many ways to clean your jeans while ensuring their quality will last longer.
But first, you need to know what washing method is appropriate for your jeans.

Common Types of Jeans Fabric and How Often You Should Wash them

Raw Denim

This fabric will last longer when not washed frequently, twice a year would do.

Best way to wash: Hand wash with cold water

Soak them in a tub overnight. Rinse and hang them to dry.

Not recommended way to wash: Using a washing machine

It will change the look and texture of the raw denim.

Two Tone Dark Denim Jeans for Men

Jameson Raw Denim Jeans

Waxed Denim

Waxed denim needs proper care to preserve the wax finish on the jeans.

Best way to wash: Dry clean only

Not recommended way to wash: Hand wash, Using a machine, Bath soak

Black Waxed Jeans for Men

Omari Waxed Jeans

Stretch Fabric

Pants made with cotton, wool, and linen may shrink if not washed properly. 

Best way to wash: Hand wash with cold water

Not recommended way to wash: Using a washing machine with hot or lukewarm water

Black Shirt, Shoes, and Denim Jeans for Men

Joseph Stretch Denim Jeans

Wash Denim

Pants with medium-light wash are easy to clean.

Best way to wash: Using a washing machine with gentle care setting

Not recommended way to wash: Using hot or lukewarm water

Blue Gradient Wash Denim Jeans for Men

Kyle Blue Jeans – custom blue gradient wash

Japanese Denim

Best way to wash: Bath washing

Not recommended way to wash: Using a washing machine with hot or lukewarm water

John Elliott - The Cast 2 Distressed Slim Fit Jeans

John Elliott - The Cast 2 Distressed Slim Fit Jeans

Recommended Ways to Wash Your Jeans

To maintain the look, color, and shape of your jeans as much as possible, here are great ways to wash them:

Dry Clean

Dry cleaning your jeans is the best way to eliminate oil-based stains. 

Hand Wash

Washing your jeans by hand has a gentler experience for its fibers. 

Hand Wash Step by Step Guide - How to Wash Jeans Properly

Other Ways to Wash Your Jeans

Washing Machine

Use a washing machine at your own risk. Some jeans fade faster than usual if you wash them using a machine.

Step by Step Guide - How to Wash Jeans Properly using a Washing Machine

Spot Treatment

No one can stop you from having that heavenly bite from your favorite meal. Then suddenly, some sauce dripped on your jeans. What a mood breaker!

Before tossing your jeans on the laundry basket, consider spot cleaning so you can wear your pants again without any stains.

Spot Cleaning Treatment Step by Step Guide - How to Spot Wash Jeans Properly

Tips in Washing Your Jeans

Cold Washing Inside

Turn your jeans inside out before washing them by hand or using a machine to protect the fibers from friction and preserve their color.


This method will kill some bacteria on your jeans.


Freezing your jeans in the freezer will lessen their odor.


It is not recommended to dry your jeans in the dryer. Using electric dryers will cause fabric shrinkage.

But if you want to use any heating equipment, opt for a tumble dry low setting.

Another way is to hang them outside and allow them to dry naturally.

Curved wooden hangers are a good investment. It holds the shape of your garment better than plastic ones.


Hanging previously worn jeans on the wall or in an open area is a great way to give air circulation and maintain the good condition of the jeans.

Storing used jeans inside the closet might transfer bacteria and odor to other garments.

Caution in Washing Your Jeans

  • Do not mix dark and light-colored garments when washing your clothes

  • Do not let the jeans soak in the water for a very long time

  • Do not over wash

  • Rinse your jeans properly

  • Use cold water only (Hot or warm water will damage your jeans)

  • Use appropriate detergents and solutions wisely

How to Properly Hang Jeans?

If you are drying your jeans, they should be hung by the waist from the hanger. This will prevent the legs to crease and wrinkle. Use clips to properly secure the jeans.

How to Hang Denim Jeans for Men Properly

For storing the pants inside the closet, fold them in half vertically. The front of the pants should be on the inside.

Slip the pants halfway through the hanger. Notice that the waistband of the pants is touching the cuffs. 

How to Properly Hang Jeans/Pants Half Way

If the pants are slipping off from the hanger, use a clip to secure them.

What detergent should I use to wash my jeans?

Use mild detergent suitable for the color of your jeans. Do not overuse detergent and fabric softener. This will buildup the product in the jeans fabric and once you sweat on it, it will cause a persistent smell on your jeans.

Learn more about the proper use of detergent here.


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