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by Catherine Navarette June 20, 2021 4 min read

It is easy to style during the cold season, you don’t need to worry about your inner garments as long as you have a protective layer on top of it.

But this summer, it's harder to style because of the hot temperature.

Summer heat is not enough to stop you from making this summer a memorable one.

Make your summertime outfit stand out from the crowd with AKINGS’ new season collections.

1. Anarchy Satin Button Down and Anarchy Destroyed Denim Shorts

If you worry that your clothing will get wrinkled because you move a lot this season, worry no more!

These short-sleeve shirts are wrinkle-resistant and don’t show sweat patches so you can show off your outfit 24/7. 

Feel free to try vibrant colors, wear Anarchy Satin Button Down with Anarchy Destroyed Denim Shorts to pull off cool streetwear for this hot season. 

Blue Satin Shirt and Denim Shorts

A mirrored lens sunglasses and AKINGS paint splatter hat are the best accessories to top the look.

2. Atelier White T-Shirt and Anarchy Logo Shorts

If you’re an athletic person, here’s a refreshing style that suits your needs: A cotton printed shirt and stretch shorts with tactical pockets.

These shorts eliminate the sticky and sweaty feeling so you can move more under the heat.

You’ll definitely enjoy the morning jog when you wear these lightweight gym shorts with internal phone storage and other pocket space for your valuables.

Gym outfit for men white cotton graphic T-shirt and waterproof gym shorts


3. Tie Dye Scar Tee with Kyle Blue Stacked Pants

Outfit with balanced neutral colors is our top pick for the season. Scar Tee has enough glow to make your day extra brighter. 

Pair it with Kyle stacked jeans in custom blue gradient wash to give you enough comfort to move in this hot weather.

The combination of a soft cotton shirt, organic stretch cotton jeans, and a pair of low-profile white sneakers will surely make you stand out in any daytime summer festivities. 

Summer Tee and Kyle Blue Jeans for Men

This season will give you a hot atmosphere during the daylight while giving you a cold breezy night. Be prepared and grab an Atelier Zip Hoodie to match your Kyle Blue jeans.

This outfit will bring out the glow of the Kyle Blue jeans even more.

Black Hoodie and Blue Stone Wash Jeans for Men

 How many percentages is Kyle stretch? 

Kyle jeans are made with 100% cotton and have some stretch to it. The jeans stretch about 2-3% naturally from its cotton composition. 

Kyle Blue on the other hand has 2% spandex and 98% cotton, which makes it stretch about 5-6% more than Kyle. 

4. Chaos Scar Tee and Calm Alexander Stacked Jeans


Who says you can’t wear jeans in summer? Jeans are the best bottom wear to pair with plain Tees. 

Chaos Scar Tee radiates cool vibes this summer.

In this hot weather, staying hydrated is a must, but carrying a bag just to store your water bottle is not ideal.

Good thing there are pants like Chaos Alexander jeans that let you store water bottles inside your pockets. No kidding! Check out this blog to find out more about the 8” deep skyscraper front and back pockets.

Chaos Scar Tee and Dark Color Stacked Jeans for Men

5. Navy Arachnid Tee and Logan Denim Jeans

Start your summer with a fresh pair of Logan jeans that has four 8’’ deep pockets to store your valuables and a Navy Arachnid Tee to keep you protected this summer.

The Arachnid Tees has antibacterial properties that make it easier to adapt to changing environments. 

The sleek design and light shade of the jeans paired with an antibacterial Tee will make your confidence even higher to go out and have fun this summer.

Anti Bacterial T-Shirt and a Rust Brown Skinny Denim Jeans for Men

6. Tree of Life T-Shirt, and Jason Denim Pants

    White tees sit at the top of the hierarchy as the most flexible shirt to wear every day this summer.

    It might be your first choice as top wear, but styling it is harder than you thought.

    Pants with a sleek design like the Jason jeans with paint-splattered details make your white tops livelier and more radiant.

    If you like white Tees but want to be extra stylish, cotton printed shirts will level up the look.

    Check out this hot summer casual wear that will make your summer cool. 

    White Graphic Shirt and Splatter Jeans for Men

    Try incorporating the Triple Pants Chain accessories to add more style and character.

    7. Peace T-Shirt and Anarchy Destroyed Denim Shorts

        What’s trending this season? Denim shorts with five pockets!

        There is no need for you to complicate things and add unnecessary clothes to style denim shorts. You can pair it with anything in your wardrobe.

        These denim shorts have a unique destroyed design on its hem and white outlines on the pockets to give you the right first impression. 

        The sleek Peace design on the back of the shirt will make you stand out in an instant. 

        This tandem outfit will make you steal all the glares in any social gathering.

        Peace Black Graphic Shirt for Men

        Check out this video on Instagram to witness the glow in the dark effect of this Rockstar Tee.

        8. Paint Splatter Tee, Bag, Hat, and James Sapphire

          This 80s inspired outfit combination is a must-have for any summer festivities. The shirt’s attention to detail balances the denim silhouette to complete the full dripped look.

          Protect your skin from the sun with Paint Splatter Hat and match it with the Paint Splatter Crossbody Bag to store your valuables.

          Black Splatter Hat, Crossbody Bag, Shirt, Denim Jeans for Men

          9. Anarchy Logo Polo and Selvedge Denim Shorts

          From formal events to casual hangouts, this minimalist black outfit will make you stand out. Show off your cool style at the golf club or the mall with the new Anarchy Polo and Selvedge Denim Shorts.

          Black polo and Japanese blend shorts for men


          New this Season

          Anarchy Collection

          Finished in New York

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