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by Binny Zheng March 13, 2021 3 min read

The pandemic didn’t stop fashion brands from innovating designs, especially during the winter season. If you’re the type who goes out in the cold yet couldn’t leave home without being fashionable, you’ll want to look into The North Face’s Nuptse Jacket.

Back in the ‘90s

The North Face began experimenting with their winter gear by going back to past trends. The Nuptse jacket was inspired by the classic version first released in the 1990s. The brand wanted to promote a high-performing jacket for mountain climbers.  Because of the credibility and the robust feature, The North Face continued to reproduce the Nuptse Jacket as part of the winter fashion. But what makes Nuptse Jacket so special? 

The Nuptse jacket is made from water-resistant fabric and has 700 lofty down insulation to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. The jacket does not also take up too much space in your bag or luggage because it’s extremely compact. It makes a great jacket for the rainiest days as well due to its moisture wicking technology. .

What makes the Nuptse Jacket become a trendy winter fashion wear is its shiny fabric, boxy style, and of course, its classic stowable hood. Most hip-hop artists and fashion icons first revamped the Nuptse Jacket as a fashionable winter outfit. You too can make Nuptse jackets more fashionable! Here are some ways to style Nuptse Jackets.


--> Jeans

Colder nights out won't be fun if you’re too busy trying to stay warm in a thin jacket with no insulation. Sometimes you need a trusty jacket to rely on to keep you warm through the night. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ruining your outfit because  a puffer jacket fits perfectly into any casual occasion or night out . You can also wear this when you travel across countries with different weather conditions. 

Stacked jeans are some of the most recommended jeans in pairing with the Nuptse jacket. Some of the most notable are stacked jeans like  the Kyle Cargo and the Jameson Raw Denim. The Kyle stacked jeans are also considered perfect for the “modern and urban ninja” because of their black color and discreet 11 pocket cargo design.

Similar to the Kyles, the Jameson also features a stacked denim design to allow most heights to fit this denim. Jameson is a raw denim that features a bold selvedge detail at the side and is loved for it’s structured fit that becomes more comfortable with time an wear.. It’s perfect also for those who are on-the-go as it is easy and comfortable to wear.

For women, if you don’t like wearing stacked jeans, a low rise cut jeans are the best bet with a Nuptse jacket. Then finish your look with leather boots or sneakers, and you’ll have a celebrity approved look.

@richboy in THE NORTH FACE X SUPREME 2011 Leopard Nuptse Jacket Puffer Coat and Varick stacked jeans

---> Hoodies

Jacket and a hoodie together? Yes, please! If you want to go for a statement hoodie along with your Nuptse jacket, Parra clothing is the best. Parra is a Dutch artist who creates designs in high-saturated colors and with surreal characters. 

If you’re looking for a cozy hoodie with a slightly cropped fit to style with the Nuptse jacket, the Atelier hoodie is the way to go. The Atelier hoodie is a heavyweight french terry hoodie with a slightly cropped fit at the waist for layering additional pieces. .The Atelier hoodie pays homage to AKINGS’ first creative studio in New York City and comes in two colors, black and cyan, for those looking for variety. 

Both hoodies blend well with the Nuptse jacket, even if they both have contrasting colors.

The Nuptse Jacket Is In

Choose the Nuptse Jacket as your staple winter outfit. Not only is it fashionable, but it will also last you a lifetime. The way The North Face tweaked its design from the 1996 model is stunning, and it will surely be a timeless piece for anyone's wardrobe.

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