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by Binny Zheng November 24, 2020 2 min read

Vegan python and python look pretty similar but there's a world of a difference between the two. Here are some key points to understand when you're debating whether the Vegan Python face mask or the Python face mask is for you.

1. Consciousness of animal products

One of the biggest differences between vegan python and real python is that one is synthetic and manmade and one comes from the skin of a python. Some people don't like to wear animals products like furs and leathers, so if that's you the vegan python would definitely be a better choice. 

2. Texture of leathers

Because vegan python is synthetic, it doesn't have the same buttery texture as python leather. Python leather is incredibly soft and smooth and it has the most natural appearance. It will likely have an inconsistent texture but that's part of the charm of leather. 

3. Durability/ longevity

Real leather will have great durability over time. It's soft and flexible meaning that it likely won't crack or peel. Vegan python is extremely durable as well, but because of it's stiffness, it doesn't conform to its wearer as well or wear in as nicely. 

4. Price

Python leather is definitely going to be more expensive than vegan python. Python is harder to manufacture and to handle, whereas vegan python is often a fabric that can be easily outsourced.

5. Care and cleaning

Real leather is porous to liquids, making it more prone to stains and more difficult to clean. Care for python is going to be more maintenance and should be treated at least once a year to keep its softness. 

Both our vegan python face mask and python face mask are great usable mask options and regardless of which you decide fits your lifestyle better, they'll both be edgy, fashionable, and practical. 

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