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by Catherine Navarette April 28, 2021 5 min read

Alternative fashion offers unlimited ways to express your identity. There are no rules in terms of fashion. You can show the world your creativity by styling your everyday outfit from head to toe. In this modern era, where innovation is all over the place, fashion takes the big leap of changing the traditional scheme into something un-ordinary and exciting.

Here is your guide in terms of the different prominent niche styles to explore.

Kickback with the Cyberpunk Fashion Style

Cyberpunk street fashion

Cyberpunk is the ground-breaking fashion style for all the techy enthusiasts out there. Many people are now exploring this style of adding function to your wardrobe thanks to brands like Arc'teryx.

The key to share the world of Cyberpunk clothing is by understanding the basics and letting your imagination go wild.

Cyberpunk’s core elements are two distinctive words: “Cyber”, which refers to the never-ending emergence of technologies, and the word “Punk”, which visualize a powerful personality.

Domination of Cyberpunk Fashion: Who Wears It?

It is ideal for all the fanatics of futuristic movies, RPG gamers, sci-fi manga readers, cost players, celebrities, fashion gurus who are head over heels about mixing the urban look with rich variants of neon lights, and many more.

There are endless possibilities to mix and match contrasting color combinations that break the traditional rule of conformity.

Cyberpunk Clothing Ideas

Pieces of metallic accessories, neon imprints, silver bracelets, and various techwear will level up your look. It is a balanced mixture of futuristic aura and a practical approach to style your outfits to enhance your visual identity to attract opportunistic and benevolent vibes.

It is recommended to have stylish stacked jeans, leather boots, rad jacket, face masks, flashy eyeglasses, other accessories and pieces of clothing to finish your futuristic look.

Embrace the new rules of the reborn world. Adding the Triple Pants Chain to your cyberpunk fashion style will maximize your outfit’s potential to achieve an out-of-this-world aura. This trendy wardrobe asset will make you feel liberated. It is a huge step in making the new era of street fashion dominate society.

Triple Pant Chain Accessory

A fashion style that is both functional and aesthetically full of trendy vibes is what the AK01 Chest Bag is serving the market. It is a techwear inspired denim chest bag with adjustable shoulder straps that can keep your valuables secured, allowing you to maximize your everyday productivity while being stylish at all times.

AK01 Black Chest Bag/Chest Rig

The Chest bag’s steel buckles and AK branded zippers promote the influence of machinery in today’s fashion. It breaks the norms while radiating masculinity and a strong-willed impact for everyone who wears it.

Techwear Dominance

Black Techwear from pinterest.com

Techwear, short term for technical wear, originates from the warfare garments made in the 1980s.  It is marked with historic fashion achievements of utilizing military-grade canvas as a clothing fabric.

Common techwear garments have multiple pockets, shiny zippers and typically made of waxed fabrics.

Techwear is a Lifestyle

It is a stylish full-body utilitarian clothing that makes everyday life more functional, utilizing its other technical purposes besides covering your body.

The techwear’s contemporary style satisfies our need to feel secured, and at the same time, geared up with everlasting confidence wrapped up on our sleeves.

Who Wears It?

Techwear clothing style is popular worldwide whatever the generation is. It is suitable for security forces, industrial workers, cost players, and everyone else.

Techwear is not just for people who have an athletic and lean body. It requires no certain body type to wear your favorite innovative garments, even as your daily uniform.

Techwear Style Guide

Techwear is all about satisfaction, comfort, fashion, and function. Techwear is another word for a top-notch fashionable garment with utmost comfort.

Techwear has diverse configurations depending on your needs. Shirts with breathable fabrics, adequate accessory storage, and water-resistant linens with an overall sleek design are things to watch out for.

Most techwear are multifunctional garments made with high-tech materials to withstand the changing weather. Your techwear outfit’s conventional performance is as important as its stylish appearance.

Anti-bacterial garments like the revolutionary Arachnid T-shirt is the answer to everyone’s prayer. You can read more about how the copper found on this tee shirt has been found to be anti-microbial, here.

It is a lightweight viscose T-shirt engineered to be adaptable to any challenging environment. Arachnid’s seasonless minimalist design is the perfect get-up for a productive urban lifestyle.

Have a glimpse at the supremacy offered by the Arachnid techwear with a top-notch design of personalized AKINGS embroidered white stitches. The closer you look, the more fascinating it gets.

Arachnid Tee Black Techwear

The Game Changer: Urban Ninja Fashion Style

Are you a fan of Japanese culture? Urban ninja fashion is a mixture of culture and aesthetics. It offers a wide room for creativity to incorporate your own preference into something fashionable with overloading comfort to match your daily adventures.

Embrace your personal fashion desires by breaking the norms and stepping into the spotlight by utilizing the urban ninja fashion style.

Urban Ninja Styling Guide

The inner layering of light linens top up with a flannel coat adds flavor to your outfit. A slight oversized outer garment matched with sleek-designed sneakers is the iconic turning point of the urban ninja fashion.

As for the bottom, stacked black jeans or denim cropped pants are the techwear ninja’s best choice to obtain an attention-grabbing look.

Speaking of jeans, AKINGS’ Kyle is the finest option in the market to obtain an exceptional urban ninja look. It is a skinny fit organic stretch denim that will make you feel the luxury of satisfaction while wearing elegant, stacked jeans.

Black Stacked Denim Jeans

Explore Kyle Cargo’s functional techwear inspired design with its ELEVEN discrete pockets with AK branded gunmetal buttons to accompany you in any path you take. It is best for people who like to spend more time exploring the outside world rather than keeping an eye on their belongings every time.

Goth Ninja for the Emerging World

Goth Ninja fashion style is all about modernity, innovation, and one-of-a-kind clothing designs that aren't for the mainstream. This is the ultimate extraordinary sector of fashion that features futuristic garments and usually dark color casual streetwear.

Goth Ninja clothing is different from techwear garments. The former is usually layered and focuses more on the layering and dark design rather than radiant colors. Also, the latter aims to provide a clothing’s functionality.

Goth Ninja Styling Guide

Creating layers to volumize the look is one of the assets of Goth Ninja. Multi folds of loosely fitted clothing create a distinct illusion.

This fashion trend is recommended to the minimalist black color lovers out there. Dark-colored hoodies, cardigan coats, and scarfs complete the look of giving a polished, elegant appearance.

Omari Waxed Jean is the future of the stacked jeans. It is a set of black skinny fit waxed jeans with two discrete cargo pockets and one coin storage with zippers to widen its functionality. 

Goth Ninja Omari Waxed Stacked Jeans

This outfit allows you to have overflowing power to show your ultimate capabilities and your marvelous fashion taste to the world. It has this clean yet daring look that makes you feel like a Rockstar whenever and wherever you’re wearing them.

What is the Right One for You?

Choose the best fashion style that matches your lifestyle and preference:

  • Cyberpunk – for people who like a futuristic clothing style.

  • Techwear – the best option for those who want to be fashionable while having the utmost comfort for utilitarian purposes.

  • Urban Ninja – recommended for an adventurous personality who is head over heels in layering different variants of linens perfect for all-season.

  • Goth Ninja – suitable for people with unique personalities who like to have futuristic minimalist clothes to keep up with the changing environment.


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