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by Binny Zheng April 12, 2021 2 min read

Our newest spring washes are here! A refreshing take on some of our signature and beloved styles, these new washes embody the aura of New York City, but with a burst of color. Hand-washed in NYC, these jeans are part of a limited edition collection that is sure to sell out. Check them out:

James Sapphire

The James Sapphire is a raw denim jean with big skyscraper pockets that are convenient for carrying all your essentials. The deep emerald green color of this jean makes it a pair that’s perfect for those that are transitioning some color into their wardrobe but not yet ready for all the bold and neon colors. It’s a timeless pair that can be worn both as a classy style paired with a button down shirt or as a streetwear style paired with low top sneakers.

James Sapphire colored raw denim jeans


A bold pair to create fun looks with, the Kenny is another raw denim jean that is colorful and unique. The raw denim construction makes this a pair that will be durable and the vibrant maroon color encapsulates the warmer weather and guarantees that you’ll be catching eyes and compliments. Pair the Kenny with your favorite pair of white sneakers and a simple tee for an effortless spring look.

Kenny colored raw denim jeans

Jameson Saffron

The Jameson Saffron is our third raw denim colored jean and a great option for those that want to add a subtle hint of color to their everyday outfits. The muted yellow goes well with all your monotones, neutrals, and even colors like red and navy too. Always step out looking striking but not too flashy with the Jameson Saffron. We recommend pairing these jeans with a plain or graphic tee and a leather or denim jacket for a clean and put-together casual look. 

@baylimusic in Jameson Saffron colored jeans

Which colored wash is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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