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by Binny Zheng September 29, 2020 1 min read

South Korean fashion is big and it's only getting bigger with the help of international Kpop groups like BTS, Got7, and Monsta X to name a few and the increasing popularity of K-dramas.

Here are some Korean fashion trends that are extremely hot right now and where you can buy them: 

1. Face masks

Asia was on the face mask wave even before the pandemic. Face masks were an aesthetic and part of the fashion culture there. Especially at the airports.

bts airport fashion

Shop face masks here.

2. Monotones

Minimalist fashion has been revived but even with full monotone looks, Korean fashion is not as minimal as it looks. Pay attention to details and you'll see that simple pieces can add up to make a look really stand out

bts grammy's 2020 fashion

Here are some monotone pieces that are well-worth adding to your wardrobe staples: Kyle, Victor White Jacket, Omari.

3. Statement jackets

Even if your outfit isn't top-notch, a statement jacket could easily help you fix that. Oversized and blazer cuts are especially trendy and will guarantee that you are picture-worthy. 

bts fashion

Shop our favorite statement jacket styles: Patchwork Blazer, Vegan Shearling Jacket, Digi Camo Jacket.

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