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by Binny Zheng November 23, 2020 1 min read

The most perfect holiday gift this season? It has to be face masks. Everyone needs or could use masks this year and your gift will definitely be greatly appreciated by all of your friends and family. 

Here's a few mask options:

Black Disposable Face Mask

Our black disposable face mask is a great option for everyone. This mask is 4-ply, breathable, and comfortable to wear. This is an all around face mask that is great for everyday life - whether you're traveling, exercising, having dinner out, or just living your life, this mask will always be handy. Carry spares in your bag or car for those times when you misplace or lose your mask. 

Vegan Python Face Mask

The vegan python face mask is an effortlessly edgy reusable mask option. As practical as it is, this mask also doubles as a statement accessory piece, adding another detail that will complete any of your winter looks. The vegan python is a great option for friends and family who love to dress boldly and show off their style. You'll be sure to stand out in a crowd with this mask. 

Onyx Face Mask

If there's a mask that embodies luxury, it would be the onyx face mask. This mask is crafted from 100% calfskin and designed with hand-etched air holes and a polyester lining for easy breathing and maximum comfortability. The leather of this mask might just be the most buttery leather you will have ever touched. 

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