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by Binny Zheng June 30, 2020 1 min read

2020 has definitely not been unfolding the way many of us had probably envisioned but despite all the unexpected twists and turns of the past few months, we've made it to July and summer is in full swing!

AKINGS is summer ready and you will be too with our Summer 2020 Capsule. Remember the days where you would go to the amusement park and eat sorbets until you got brain freeze? Or those nights on the beach watching the sunset and listening to the rocking of the waves? This capsule embodies those nostalgic memories and good vibes.

The capsule features a range of different interpretations of beloved classic pieces by incorporating new, bold colors and fun tie-dye prints. The Omari Cotton Candy and the Daniel Blue Raspberry are two of our favorite new pieces.

Elsewhere, there are lightweight pieces perfect for breezy days or date nights like our Tokyo Sakura Button Down and Park Avenue. If you're into more casual looks, shop the t-shirts and wear them with the Daniel Cream, the perfect pair of denim for all your summer plans.

AKINGS has the perfect summer pieces ready for you to live your best summers, but don't sit on these pieces for tool long. Many of the new denim pieces are incredibly limited edition and you don't want to miss out!

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