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by Binny Zheng July 05, 2020 1 min read

Have you ever seen a python face mask? How about a vegan python one? There's a lot of new face masks on the market, but we'll bet that none of them are as avant-garde and fashionable as our leather options.

AKINGS has been making an assortment of leather face masks including python, vegan python, and lambskin, since 2018. This year, with the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak, over 46 states have implemented requirements to wear a face mask while the CDC highly recommends people to wear masks as well. 

It looks like we're going to be wearing face masks for a while - it's part of the new normal - so why not find one that you like? Masks don't only have to be functional: they can be fashionable too.


We strongly suggest wearing a disposable face mask such as our first aid face mask under your reusable mask for extra protection.

Want a black disposable mask? SHOP BLACK DISPOSABLES MASKS

Want something that looks expensive? SHOP PYTHON FACE MASK

Want a vegan option? SHOP VEGAN PYTHON FACE MASK


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