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by Binny Zheng November 14, 2020 2 min read

If it's your first time hearing about AKINGS and it's your first time seeing our jeans, it's likely that you're asking yourself "Why are these jeans so expensive?". It's definitely hard to grasp a starting price of $180 for jeans when there are much cheaper options on the market but here's exactly why our jeans are so expensive, and why they're still worth the investment. 


The AKINGS promise is embodied in the idea of being made forever. Our denim is crafted with the highest quality materials from Japanese and Italian mills and they're crafted to last a lifetime. Compared to other brands on the market that sell jeans for $30-$100, there's a clear difference in quality. You won't be needing a new pair of denim every wear because our jeans are meant to grow with you while you grow. 

Look like a king

Our clothing is best described as clothing that makes you look like A KING. From our signature J shape cut to our heavily inspired New York details, our jeans guarantee that you will stand out in any crowd and be the flyest among your friends. When you look like a king, you will be a king. 

Join the community

Creatives, artists, and everyone in between loves our jeans. Our jeans can be seen on superstars like Lil Baby, Tyga, Steve Aoki, and many more and has been featured in press like Vogue, Maxim, GQ, Esquire, and etc. Once you go AKINGS, you can't go back. We're not only about cool clothing, we're a community of high achievers that are always striving for more. Our clothes reflect the ambition for high achievement and we welcome you to join that.

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