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by Bryan Leon June 11, 2020 2 min read


Creating pieces with purpose and function through the use of design and technological advances in science isn't something new to us. From the development of our military-inspired Kyle Cargos and the tactical nature of our crossbody bags, we're constantly pushing to create new pieces that are of value and utility that adapt to current environments.



“Copper supplements what these other things can do; it’s in the background and it’s always working,” - Harold T. Michels, PhD.

Such as stated in the previous quote, copper is a proactive metal that kills 99% of bacteria in a span of 2 hours. It's copper's antibacterial properties that have inspired us to add this material to our collection of tech-inspired tees. 


Copper surfaces have been proven to reduce the case of infections in hospital Intensive Care Units, such as a study conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston found. This study found that by replacing high contact surfaces, like hospital beds and IV stands, in their Intensive Care Units reduced the cases of Healthcare-acquired Infections. The replacement of conventional hospital beds with copper-lined hospital beds resulted in an average of 95% fewer bacteria recorded. The hospital epidemiologist ahead of the study, Cassandra D. Salgado, MD, stated, that copper has a devastating effect on the bacterias’ molecular level. “Once the bacteria donate the electrons to the copper metal, this places the organism into a state of electrical-charge deficit,” she says. “As a consequence, free radicals are generated inside the cell, which ultimately leads to the cell’s death.”

With respect to these studies and the extensive research found, we invite you to experience the fit and feel of this copper ion infused tee shirt

For sizing, we recommend going true to size for a relaxed fit, however, if you’d prefer an adjusted fit and more of an athletic look- size down. 





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