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by Catherine Navarette April 29, 2021 3 min read

Hello AKINGS Family! Get a chance to be featured on one of our official social media platforms and let the world know your superb fashion sense.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here are the details that you need to know to increase your chance of getting chosen.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing your AKINGS pieces that captures your own style.

  2. Make sure to have a nice and aesthetic background. Preferably clean or someplace that makes your outfit stand out. 

  3. You can mix and match your AKINGS apparel with your favorite garments. Let your creativity do the rest!

  4. Upload your best photo on to Instagram, tag us @akingsny and @alanking, and use the following hashtags so we know you’re participating:



  1. The background is not distracting, and we can clearly see the clothing (clean is a bonus but showing your lifestyle is completely welcome).

  2. Drip check!! Are your stacks evenly distributed from the knee down? 

  3. Styling points will be given based on how well the pieces flow together. We want to see your unique drip and feature it for everyone on our page to see. 

  4. Clean shoes or boots is a big plus. The drip flows from head to toe. Remember that.

  5. The post must have a complete set of hashtags to be valid.


  1. The post must be accessible to the public view. So your page must not be private.

  2. The challenge is available in any country and nationality.

  3. The contest begins April 29 and ends May 29, 2021.

  4. Winners will be selected based on the stated criteria and notified via a private message on their chosen social media platform (where they posted their entry).

  5. By joining this campaign, participants hereby agree to give consent to AKINGS on having their usernames appear in the brand’s online platforms and are allowing AKINGS to use the submitted content as promotional materials. 


Can I enter the challenge multiple times?

Yes! The more entries you posted, the more chances you get. Ensure that your entries have different concepts (i.e., outfit styles) and follow the rules stated above.

How would I know If I got chosen?

Stay tuned and follow AKINGS’ Instagram account (@Akingsny) to be updated.

How do I increase my chance of getting featured?

Read the criteria stated above to make sure your photos stand out from every angle. 


Here are some examples of how to rock your photo entries:

- Pictures that show your full-body AKINGS fashion style

Black leather, face mask, and stacked pants   Full-body style stacked pants   Full-body styling black stacked pants

- Simple waist down photo with dope stacks and nice sneakers

Waist down photo with stacked pants and nice sneakers   Waist down photo with stacked pants and sneakers  Waist down photo with blacked stacked pants and sneakers

- Capture a moment of you adjusting your stacks or showing off some of your favorite details.

Black stacked pants  Black stacked pants  Black stacked pants

- Showcase your favorite AKINGS pant chain accessories in your stacked pants

Pant chain Black stacked pants Black stacked pants

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