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by Binny Zheng March 15, 2021 3 min read

Dressing relaxed and luxurious seems like a hard feat but AKINGS has the best of both worlds. AKINGS is a brand that is starting to make waves in the fashion world. Their work has now been featured by big-time critics such as Forbes, GQ, and Esquire. It is now seen as glamorous to have AKINGS in your closet.  

The hoodie and blazer combo has been in style for the longest time and AKINGS is staying at the top of their game. Their hoodies and blazers can fit on any occasion they are made using the best  materials for formal gatherings or even just strolling outside. To give you a better idea of the options available, below are their must-try products. 

David Blazer

A David Blazer isn’t cut like the traditional blazer and borrows a futuristic cut that allows for the person wearing it to wear it up to 3 different ways. It can be worn zipped all the way up with the collar up, unzipped and open to show your layers, or zipped half-way with the collar folded.  It’s all about versatility with the David blazer as it has futuristic components that makes it stand out from the rest of the blazers, while also keeping a classy style that can be worn to dinners, parties and special occasions. If you’re looking to stand out at your next night out you can find the David blazer on our outerwear collection tab through this link.

Patchwork Blazer

This design is not basic by any means. This patchwork blazer has white stitching throughout which gives the patchwork it’s deconstructed appearance. This pattern has been seen on celebrities such as Bella HadidRhiannaLil Durk, so if you’re comfortable trying a new color scheme and exploring bold patterns, this blazer can turn into your statement piece This pattern isn’t the only thing that will make this blazer stand out, as the silhouette of the blazer naturally makes the person appear slimmer and more defined. One of the best ways to wear this blazer is with neutral colored pants such as the Daniel denim or Kyle Cargo to balance out the bold patchwork design. Patchwork material is extremely limited to only a few seasons, making this blazer extremely limited to only a few pieces. So if you’re looking to get your hands on your next patchwork statement piece, we recommend getting yours here.

Split-Tone Hoodie

The split-tone hoodie is a new design that is  trending in the right direction. It involves a hoodie with 2 different colors on each side, the AKINGS logo will also be embroidered on the left sleeve and ribbed cuffs. It  is a medium-weight hoodie that features a denim kangaroo pocket. 

The sizing of this hoodie is true to size.The split tone hoodie’s lightweight cotton material makes one of the best transitional pieces to have during the Spring/Summer season and you can purchase it here.

Para Hoodie 

This is the perfect springtime hoodie as it has an oversized fit with lightweight material. The materials and fit help prevent sweat as this neoprene hoodie keeps you as relaxed as possible. Its design consists of silver-toned AK “anarchy” branded zipper details and an AKINGS embroidered logo at the chest. 

Aside from it looking good, it is also quite functional too. Aside from the 2 side pockets in the front, this hoodie even garners a large back pocket that can store essentials like your phone or wallet. Its size can even fit bigger things like an iPad. Get your hands on this hoodie in this link.

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