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by Bryan Leon February 10, 2021 2 min read

Because we've started receiving a lot more inquiries on women's sizing, we've decided to create an easy-to-follow size chart that converts women's sizes to our denim sizes.

Use your waist and hip measurements to find your size in AKINGS.


If you're more familiar with European sizes, you can check out our UK to US Size Conversion blog.

For reference, look at our size charts for men’s jeans below.

AKINGS straight leg size chart for men's jeans

AKINGS straight leg size chart for men's jeans

Don’t know how to convert your women’s jeans size to men’s? This women's jean size to men's jean size conversion blog will tell you how.

Here are some outfit ideas and references to help you find your size in AKINGS.

Alina Lin (@1al1na1) wearing red Kyle Snap Cargo size 28 for women with a Height: 5'5" Waist: 26" Hips: 32"

Alina Lin (@1al1na1) wearing red Kyle Snap Cargo size 28

Height: 5'5"

Waist: 26"

Hip: 32"


Lauren (@laurensoyung) wearing Jason denim size 28 for woman with a Height: 5’6” Waist: 23” Hips: 31”

Lauren (@laurensoyung) wearing Jason denim size 28

Height: 5’6”

Waist: 23”

Hip: 31”


@luvalwaysmillie curvy woman wearing Kyle Blue denim jeans and orange vest and shoes

@luvalwaysmillie wearing Kyle Blue 


How do women's jeans sizes compare to men's?

In the US and UK, women’s jeans sizes start from 0 to 18+. These sizes are based on many factors such as the waist, hip, and thigh measurements.

On the other hand, standard men’s jeans sizes are more direct to their actual measurements. Most brands use the length of the waistband to determine the jeans’ size. For example, a pair of AKINGS denim in size 28 has a 28-inch waistband and its women’s jeans size would be 0 in the US and 4 in the UK.

How to convert men's jeans size to women's?

The easiest ways to know your size in men’s denim are to get your actual measurements first, then look at the brand’s size chart or conversion chart from women’s jeans size to men’s.

What are the best plus-size jeans for women?

If you have a size 32-inch waist or above, choose stretch jeans for a slim fit look or relaxed fit jeans for more comfort. Try black J-shape stretch jeans to make your legs look slimmer and proportional to your body shape.


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