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by Maria Angelica Nunag April 14, 2022 3 min read

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Our style shows off our personalities. We feel confident and comfortable in the clothes we wear. It’s a form of non-verbal communication and we use it to express ourselves to the world. 

With the advent of work-from-home setups, the need to dress to impress has vanished with the comfort of not having anyone else see us at home. 

Now that the world has adjusted and slowly moved back to normal, digital spaces remain and are here to stay. With the rise of virtual workspaces, P2E games, and the metaverse - the need to express ourselves has translated to dressing our avatars to best represent what we want to look like across online games and virtual universes.

Imagine hopping into an online Decentraland party dressed in Dolce and Gabbana or running around Fortnite in Balenciaga. This is the reality of today and potentially the new norm for the future of fashion.

The Birth of Wear to Earn (W2E) Fashion

If you’ve jumped into the Axie Infinity bandwagon then you’re already familiar with the concept of P2E or Play to Earn games. Players are rewarded with fungible tokens and digital currency the more they play and the higher levels they reach. The idea of earning while doing an enjoyable activity was a big hit not only to players but to investors alike.

The Fashion industry took note of this success and is moving to conquer the metaverse with Wear to Earn Fashion. 




AKINGS W2E NFT Collection

Joining the movement is the luxury streetwear brand, AKINGS. If you’ve seen stacked slim-fit jeans in the streets of New York, more often than not, you can attribute the popularity to them. The brand's mission has always been to provide versatile, stylish, innovative streetwear for its customers that makes them feel like a king.

Now taking the deep dive into the metaverse, AKINGS Fashion NFT collection, is not just a digital wearable. It isa digital asset that incentivizes NFT holders for sporting AKINGS digital wearables in the meta-verse and their streetwear line IRL. These rewards will be in the form of a “Loot Box” that contains physically redeemable items, VIP passes to events, and digital tokens from AKINGS’ partner brands and other NFT projects. All of which will be available to holders for FREE.


Partners like Lady M, Essentia WaterUnstoppable Domains, OTB (which owns Diesel, Margiela, Marni, Jill Sanders, Amiri, etc.), and Sovereign Brands have already expressed interest and excitement in joining the Brands initiatives. 


The fun does not stop there. AKINGS also teamed up with gaming powerhouse, EPIK PRIME, to give NFT holders in-game perks and special maps.



Why Wear to Earn Fashion?

“It all came down to giving back to our community and the people who continually come out and support the brand beyond the predictable discount or upsell. This NFT is an answer to the question we always ask ourselves— How do we bring more value to our customers?” Bryan Leon, COO of AKINGS said.

A Wear 2 Earn system incentivizes customers when they advertise and represent the brand online and in the metaverse with rewards like digital currency or physically redeemable items. 

Your outfit - in the real world and the online space - is more valuable than you think.If you're interested in earning tokens while wearing your AKINGS and taking over the metaverse with us follow the steps below:

  • Join our discord community.
  •  Follow the instructions to verify 
  • Go to #self roles and turn on NFT interests

  • Comment on the #chat, "Hello from the AKINGS Blog!"
  • First 100 people who come from the blog and interact in the chat will receive a Whitelist. 

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