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by Maria Angelica Nunag April 19, 2022 2 min read

You've seen us on  Instagram or maybe even on Tiktok. You’ve seen personalities like Trippie Redd (IG: @trippieredd) andWoody McClain (IG: @woody_thegreat) wear our stacked jeans. Visit the showroom and experience the jeans you’ve been looking for online now in person.

Trippie Redd and Woody McClain at the AKINGS ShowroomFrom left to right:Trippie Redd (IG: @trippieredd) and Woody McClain (IG: @woody_thegreat)


While online reviews are convincing, there’s still nothing like seeing the pieces, trying them on, and getting an in person shopping experience. After all, that’s why they call it shopping therapy. Getting to chat and receive advice from stylists is just another bonus.


Where are we?

Front entrance - AKINGS Showroom

The AKINGS showroom is located at 214 West 39th Street, Suite 903, New York. If you see The Skylark or Bao Bao Cafe, then you’re just a few steps away from our headquarters.

Click on our NYC Showroom Highlights on our Instagram to see a video tour.

Freight entrance - AKINGS Showroom

If you’re looking for streetwear clothes in Midtown Manhattan, you'll have to stop by and check out our showroom. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, on 39th street between 7th and 8th avenue, we specialize in stacked jeans and men’s streetwear.

With an in-seam designed to fit all, AKINGS stacked jeans jeans will follow the shape and length of your legs. The seams make stacking easy - eliminating the need to hem or cuff excess fabric for a better fit.


Complete your streetwear look with hoodiesshirtsbutton-downsjacketsblazers, and other accessories. Prepare to be the talk of the town, stand out from the crowd with fire outfits that look effortlessly put together.

Book a shopping appointment at our New York Showroom to get a first-hand feel before clicking that checkout button. See you there!


AKINGS Showroom

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