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by Catherine Navarette July 17, 2021 4 min read

Buying online is the easiest way to know the jeans’ exact measurements. 

Since many online shops have size charts nowadays, all you have to do is get your measurements so you can find the perfect-fitting jeans. This action will save you from disappointments in the future!

There are two methods to get your actual measurements:

  1. Use reference jeans

  2. Get your measurements directly from your body

Reference Jeans vs. Manual Body Measurements

If you already own a reliable pair of pants that fits you well, use it as a reference and measure their waist, rise, hips, inseam, outseam, and leg opening. That’s the easiest way to find your exact measurements.

But if you didn't own a good pair of perfect-fitting jeans yet, consider taking your body measurements.

Note that the best method here is taking your jeans as a reference because if you did an error in measuring your waist and legs, you might get your size too tight or too loose.

How to Measure Your Denim

Here are the simplest ways to get your jeans measurements. Make sure to stick to one unit only. It is recommended to use inches as your unit all throughout the process.

Getting Ready

Get your reliable jeans and place in on a flat surface. Make sure that you straighten the fabric properly to avoid any wrinkles. Don’t forget to button up the jeans!

Note: You can alter your measurements in this process. Perhaps, you want to add 1 inch to your waist or downsize a little bit.


Measure the waistband from the left side of the waistband all the way to the other side. The measurement is then doubled to get the waist size.

Measuring black paint splatter jeans waist size in waistband

Front Rise

Measure from the crotch area to the top of the button on the waistband.

Measuring black paint splatter jeans front rise

Back Rise

Do the same step as measuring the front rise but this time, you need to flip the jeans to measure the backside. Measure from the bottom of the crotch all the way to the top of the waistband.


Flip the jeans again to face the front part.

Start measuring one inch down from the center seam and go straight across from the left side of the outseam to the other side/inseam (after the double-needle stitch).

Measuring black paint splatter jeans hip size


Measure the hip size from the left side of the outseam at a slight downward angle to the center rise. And then measure the other leg at a slight upward angle. 

Keep the tape measure horizontal and double the size you’ve got to determine your hip size.


Put your tape measure from the double-needle stitch at the crotch area all the way down to the edge of the bottom hem.


Fold the jeans sideways. Measure from the top of the waistband to the bottom leg opening. You can also wear the jeans and ask a friend to help you in this process.

Leg Opening/Hem Line

Put the jeans again from their original position just like how you measure their thigh (jeans lying flat).

Measure the hemline of the jeans’ leg from the outer side of the leg (outseam) to the inner side (inseam).

If you have Amiri, Ksubi, G-Star Raw, or John Elliot jeans on your closet, check out these conversion size charts to know your AKINGS size without going through these steps.

And if you don’t have the perfect-fitting jeans yet, click here to know the easiest steps on how to get your jeans measurements from your body.

AKINGS Size Chart

After getting your actual sizes, look at the table below to know your AKINGS size. You can also click here to view our sizing guide for men’s jeans.

For better understanding, the shaded parts on these size charts are the only different measurements between the AK J-shape and straight-cut jeans.

AKINGS straight-cut jeans size chart

AKINGS J-shape jeans size chart

FAQs and Common Sizing Problems

Should I buy jeans a size bigger?

We don’t recommend buying jeans that are bigger or smaller than your actual size. People who bought jeans in bigger sizes tend to not wear them at all. If they did wear them, it will look weird and they won’t feel comfortable with them. To find the perfect fitting jeans, measure your actual measurements and look at our size guide here.

I found jeans that can fit my waist well, but I still need to wear a belt so my inner garments won’t show when I’m constantly moving.

This is a problem of wearing the wrong rise. Look for jeans that have at least 9 inches rise.

I feel little to medium tightness on my knees, and it kept falling on my waist.

Some jeans that are not lightweight and stretchable tends to have these feeling. It's better to opt for a good pair of jeans that hugs your waist, thighs, knees, and calves perfectly. Click here to explore stretch jeans and know the problems they solved.

My jeans get wrinkled at the back (lower bum), is this a sign that my jeans are worn out?

It depends on how often you’ve been wearing them. Usually, stacked fabric at your lower bum indicates a thigh width issue. Know your thigh measurement first before buying jeans.

What is slim straight jeans?

These jeans are mostly worn by skinny people to achieve a classic casual look. Slim straight cut jeans have a skinny fit on the thighs and a straight cut from the knee down to the bottom hem.

How tight should new jeans be?

Your new jeans should be not too tight or too loose the first time you wear them. They should have enough room for your waist, thighs, and calves. If you’re unsure of what type of jeans can fit you, know your exact measurements first before buying and try stretch jeans instead of skinny fit denim.

Is your waist size your jeans size?

It depends on the brand. Some brands like AKINGS based the jeans sizes on the waist measurement. Better get your actual measurements and check the sizing chart of the brand.

More FAQs here!


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