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by Catherine Navarette April 28, 2021 6 min read

Stacked jeans are made for everyone. This best-selling style is continuing to make noise and gaining more prominent popularity all over the world.

All our favorite idols and celebrities have tons of stacked pants in their wardrobe. It has become an essential piece that can be partnered with any other garment for all seasons and occasions.

Here are some guidelines to help you level up your outfit with simple tricks. But first, we need to understand the basics.

What is Stacking?

Stacked jeans get their signature look from the extra length at the inseam of the jeans which stacks from the knee to the ankle. So, you’ll usually see stacked jeans have a crazy long inseam length like 35-45 inch inseam or sometimes more.

No matter the technique or the silhouette, stacked jeans all have one thing in common- they allow the person wearing the jeans to not have to worry about their inseam length when deciding which jeans to get. It’s almost like one inseam for all, no matter your height or gender.

This is something that brands like AKINGS have already started to promote on their socials and website. You no longer have to worry about being too short or too tall to fit these jeans. Even basketball players like Kyle Kuzma have been spotted wearing their stacked jeans for men.

How to get Stacks on Jeans?

Stacking is all about letting the extra fabric on the knee down to layer itself on top of each other. This will form a tiny pile of folds that you can adjust based on your preference. Note that skinny fit silhouettes will give you the best stacking effect.

Tip: stack your jeans in front of the mirror.

How to stack pants? Creating folds on fabric jeans

Extra-long inseams will help you achieve a polished look. AKINGS straight-cut and J-shape pants have 32- and 35-inch-long inseams respectively. Got any Amiri, Ksubi, John Elliot, APC, or G-Star Raw jeans that fit you well? Click here to know your AKINGS pants size.

This style is best to pair with high-top sneakers or boots to sustain the stack. Check out this blog to discover the best sneakers to pair with stacked jeans.

AKINGS Kyle ultraviolet electric wash sleek designer stacked pants and Celine Z trainer outfit ideas men

Are Stacked Pants for Men?

Many people are curious and want to know when we’re going to release jeans for women. You should know that AKINGS stacked jeans are made for both men and women to wear. J-shape stacked jeans can give enough room for the waist, thighs, and calves that both genders would love.

AKINGS jeans sizes are based on actual measurements. For the ladies, look at this conversion chart to guide you on what fit is the best for you.

Women with a size 00 can wear a size 28 AK jeans. Follow our Instagram account to see how stacked jeans fit in women.

Best Type of Jeans to Stack

Stacked jeans for men and women are usually tapered from the knee to the ankle. To be able to achieve a streetwear look, skinny jeans are a must-have.

Find out other fascinating details about how to wear stacked jeans here.

Note: Don’t think stacked jeans can find a way into your wardrobe? We put together a couple of ways for you to style your jeans and get the best look all season around.

What’s the Difference Between Stacked Leggings and Jeans?

  1. The thickness of the fabric is thinner in stacked leggings than in jeans.

  2. Leggings have a smoother texture and most of them don’t have pockets.

  3. It is hard to distribute the fabric from the knee down and maintain the stacking effect on leggings than in jeans. The former has smaller cloth layers than the latter.

How do Stacked Denim Fit on Tall People?

AKINGS J-shape jeans can fit people whose height falls between 4’11 to 6’9 tall. Kyle Kuzma, an NBA player with a height of 6 foot and 9 inches, looks like a Rockstar in his Omari White Stitch. If you’re tall, stacked jeans will make your legs look proportional to your body shape. Wearing these black skinny fit silhouettes is another trick to look slimmer.

NBA Player Kyle Kuzma biker outfit men's waxed jeans

How do Stacked Denim Fit on Short People?

Look at Skyler Stecker (5’4 tall) slaying the fearless look with AK Omari Waxed Jeans. People around 5’0 tall can wear stacked denim to make their legs look elongated. Boots, sneakers, or heels, any footwear would look great with stacked jeans.

Skyler Stecker in omari waxed jeans - woman wearing waxed stacked pants

Whether your height is around 5” to 6’9 tall, the only difference is the stacking effect on the jeans. You will still achieve your desired look with AKINGS stacked denim.

If you'd like to learn more about the best jeans for tall people, check out the blog here.


Plain T-shirts and Black Cargo Pants

Everyone loves T-shirts. It is very comfortable and versatile. It can be a standalone fashion or partnered with flannels, long coats, and bomber jackets.

For those people who like to keep it classy, matching a T-shirt with AK Kyle skinny fit cargo pants will level up the look.

Sometimes, it is time-consuming to pick a bag that will blend in naturally to your outfit. Worry no more. These organic stretch denim pants have eleven discrete pockets for your valuables.

Step out looking and feeling like the best version of yours while you sport a relaxed-fitting Arachnid T-shirt and Kyle cargo. Stay feeling like a king while being protected from the changing weather with these superb spring garments.

Men streetwear outfit ideas - relaxed-fitting Black Tee Shirt and a Kyle cargo pants

This fashion style has no age limitation. Match it up with your favorite hat and pieces of jewelry to optimize the look.

Ann Demeulemeester Black High-top Suede Sneakers are the best sneakers to pair with your Kyle jeans.

Take your streetwear to another level with these one-of-a-kind sneakers that can highlight the stacked effect of your Kyle jeans even more.

Solid black outfit cargo pants stacked denim and black high top sneakers men

Kyle cargo is also available in bluerust, and ultraviolet.

Printed T-shirts and Denim Jeans

Custom graphic T-shirts reveal one’s identity to the public eye. T-shirts with creative prints are now a genuine wardrobe essential to express your personal style. It is the most popular summertime styling apparel for all ages.

Jameson denim can be paired with any printed T-shirts and golden accessories.

It has become one of the most eye-catching jeans in our collection due to its ability to blend in with almost any outfit in your closet. Plus, the compliments that you'll receive every time you walk out will have you feeling like a celebrity.

Graphic Shirt and black stacked pants outfit ideas men streetwear

The silhouette’s side linings make your graphic T-shirt stand out even more. It is an excellent way to balance the playful colors of your shirt and the polished look of the pants.

Leather Jackets and Waxed Jeans

Want to feel like a Rockstar everywhere you step out? A matte leather jacket with an inner plain shirt, silver chain necklacesilver rings, and a pair of Omari Waxed Jeans will let you steal the spotlight in an instant.

Men streetwear outfit ideas - black leather jacket, mask, stacked pants, high top sneakers

An outfit with this clean combination will reveal a person’s sense of attention to detail and confidence. Omari is skinny fit jeans that give your outfit a new daring look.    

These stacked jeans have two discrete cargo pockets to increase their functionality. The AK branded zipper for the coin pocket for keeping AirPods or some extra cash, balancing the sharp look of the apparel with a smooth, streamlined shape.

Floral Satin Button-Down Shirts and Black Jeans

Whether you’re out for a reunion, dinner date, or night parties, this outfit will make you stand out from the crowd.

The combination of the black button-down shirt's reflective fabric and the dark silhouette of the jeans will give you tons of compliments from the people around you.

Satin shirts are wrinkle-resistant so you can enjoy every moment with your friends and family without worrying about your outfit.

Men's outfit ideas luxury streetwear - floral satin shirt and waxed pants

Order your true size for the best fit. Find your size here.

Here are some ideas on how to style your stacked jeans

  • Bomber jackets with patterned pants

  • Oversized shirts with ripped jeans

  • Long coats or leather jackets with skinny jeans

  • Hoodies with jogging pants

  • Long sleeves with leather jeans

Here are some essentials that will complement the look on your stacked jeans

  • Silver bracelets, earrings, and rings

  • Beanie, bucket, baseball, and fedora hats

  • High and low-cut shoes, running sneakers, timberlands, and leather boots


What do stacked skinny jeans mean?

A skinny fitting pair of jeans that has an extra-long inseam allowing for a fabric stack from the knee to the ankle.

 These silhouettes will give you more defined folds from the knee down.

Is it OK to cuff jeans?

There are no rules in styling your daily fits but if you want to elevate your look, cuffing your jeans depends on what type of pants you are wearing. Relaxed fit, straight cut, and loose fit jeans are best to cuff on the hem to show off your footwear. Know the proper way of cuffing your jeans here.

For a more sophisticated look, it is best to keep your skinny fit jeans uncuffed.

Do jeans get more comfortable?

Some long-lasting jeans are designed to give more comfort the longer you use them. Note that you should only wash your jeans as needed. How often do you need to wash your jeans? This blog will give you tips on how to take care of your pants.


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