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by Maria Angelica Nunag June 15, 2022 2 min read

Cargo pants are an American classic. If you've seen a hiker or watched one of the early seasons of The Simpsons, you've seen cargo pants. It's hard to imagine hiking without having pockets to place items in. 

Cargo pants are loose-fitting and meant for comfort and outdoor activities. Over the years, slimmer versions with smaller pockets emerged to fit a much more modern streetwear take on the classic pair. 

You might think that this piece goes only with casual fits. We are here to disprove that. There are numerous ways to style these bottoms for any occasion and any season.


Cargo Pants for Men - A Style Guide

Corduroy Cargo Pants

Image Source: @gaffar.abayomi



Feel powerful in these brown corduroy cargo pants. Pair with a  black velour hoodie and black leather boots for a sleek look that you can rock at parties and clubs.

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Black Cargo Jeans

Image Source: @keshi



It does not take much to look and feel like a rockstar. Sometimes all it takes is a black tank top, cargo pants, a black leather belt, a black ball cap, and a ton of confidence.

Shop the look: Black Cargo Jeans


Kyle Snap Cargo

Image Source: @drjspokestyle



Whether you’re filming a music video or just chilling with friends on a weekend, this drip will get you stares and compliments. Timeless pieces like a black shirt and a black denim jacket never go out of style. Bring life to this otherwise dark ensemble with bright orange cargo pants and silver accessories.

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Cargo Pants for Women - A Style Guide

Corduroy Cargo Pants
Image Source: @lucysiyu



Want to wear something cool at your next museum visit? Go monochrome with a tight-fitting brown crop-top and brown corduroy cargo pants. Add a dash of color with a pair of sneakers that matches your hair color. It’s a look that does all the talking.

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Black Cargo Jeans
Image Source: @alinaworldwide



Look straight fire in this racer-inspired outfit. Who knew red, black, and yellow can look this good together. Layer a graphic shirt with your choice of racing jacket and throw on black cargo pants and you’re good to go.

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Kyle Snap Cargo



Paint the town red. Have fun and play around with color this summer. If you think red and green are only good as Christmas palates, think again. Grab your favorite white sleeveless top and make a statement with a vibrant pair of jeans. Keep it casual with sneakers and you’re all set to do some more shopping with the girls.

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