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by Maria Angelica Nunag May 26, 2022 3 min read

Innovation in the Metaverse skyrocketed with the global pandemic giving spotlight and popularity to the exchange of JPGs, GIFs, and games that reward players with cryptocurrency. Companies are clamoring to keep up and establish a presence in this relatively young space.




This poses the question - Where does Fashion place in the Web3? Sure there are companies working with game developers to produce branded skins, some developed 3D rendered garments, and only recently held Virtual Fashion Shows in Decentraland. With so many players in the scene,AKINGS found a way to reward its growing community through theirWear to Earn (W2E) digital wearable NFT project.


The AKINGS NFT Movement


At its core, AKINGS exists to bring genuinely innovative designs to the streets from the heart of New York City - merging utility, function, and unique silhouettes with each piece. If you’ve seen stacked jeans on personalities like LilBaby, Steve Aoki, Kyle Kuzma, and many others, those are most likely crafted by Alan King and his creative team.


Being a gamer and a tech fanatic himself, Founder Alan King (IG @alanking ; Twt @alankingny), is the mastermind behind a fashion NFT that not only functions as a skin you can wear across multiple Metaverses and online games but also serves as a ticket to exclusive community events, in-game perks, physically redeemable items, and a reward system similar to the popular Play to Earn (P2E) setup. 

How Does Wear to Earn Work?


Your outfit is more valuable than you think. Luxury fashion pieces are investments meant to grow in value with time. AKINGS NFT Trading cards add to this value by rewarding holders with crypto tokens through different channels:

  • In the Metaverse by simply rocking their brand across virtual spaces and games
  • In real life or AR by simply participating in events like attending music listening parties, completing beta tests for new games or worlds in the Web3, or by simply answering questions and surveys.
  • Another way is through renting the wearables out or referring friends to join the community.


Think of it as being brand ambassadors. Wearing AKINGS in real life and in virtual reality, you are essentially the face of the brand thus it is only right that you receive rewards for advertising the pieces you’re wearing.


This is made possible with the brand's continuous partnerships. For instance, if a record company wants to host listening parties to get streams and introduce their new music to new ears, AKINGS can make a deal to bring its holders to these parties. The advertising fee paid to the brand is distributed to the holders so long as they wear the brand in these events and post photos or videos on their social media. The holders win through exciting event invites and crypto rewards while AKINGS and the record label win through brand exposure.


Join the movement and get first access to this Wear to Earn NFT project by joining their Discord today. Get on the whitelist to get guaranteed access to the mint before it becomes available to the public. Pay less gas fees, enjoy discounts, and grab rare tokens. This is a chance you don’t want to miss! They will be announcing the official launch date and website soon.

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