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by Binny Zheng February 09, 2021 2 min read

One of the biggest complaints that consumers have about denim jeans is that the pockets are not big enough to fit the essentials - things like your phone, wallet, or a chapstick often have to be carried in a separate bag or in your jacket pockets. This is a problem that a majority of women face even worse as women's jeans have much smaller pockets than most men's jeans.

It’s so much easier and more secure to always have your essentials within easy accessibility and there are multiple jeans with deep pockets that will allow you to do that! Here’s a round-up of our favorites:


Our classic and beloved Daniel jeans are a solid black denim that’s stretchy enough to comfortably wear everyday and on any occasion. These jeans are a staple for any closet and feature 8’’ deep skyscraper pockets that are giant and will fit all your essentials and more.

Daniel stacked jeans with deep pockets


The James is a pair of grey raw denims that have similar pockets to the Daniels. 8’’ deep pockets on these jeans and raw denim make this pair of jeans a must-have! Want to learn more about why we love raw denim? Read this blog!

James raw denim stacked jeans


Our signature Kyle cargos not only feature large pockets, but there’s 11 of them! If you tend to travel light, you won’t even need to carry a bag with these jeans! Compartmentalize all your necessities into your pockets and never lose your valuables. The Kyles come in both black and blue colorways. 

Kyle cargo jeans with 11 pockets


If you struggle with the inconveniences of small pockets on your denim, give one of the pairs above a try! Not only will those denims make your life easier with deep pockets, you’ll also look super fly. Functional fashion isn’t something we can say no to.

If you’re a woman having trouble with your AKINGS sizing, check out this blog post!

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