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by Catherine Navarette May 30, 2021 7 min read

Jeans come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re having a hard time finding the one that will wrap around your waist and match your height perfectly, this blog is made for you.

Let's face the truth, bigger and taller guys have the hardest time picking the best fits for them. They don’t have many options to choose from. What usually happens is whenever they got their eyes to a clothing piece with their size, they instantly grab it needless of their fashion style preference.

Fortunately, companies like AKINGS have jeans for big guys looking to step up their denim game. You don’t have to worry about choosing between style and comfort when you can have the best of both worlds.


The average height for American adults is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, based on the CDC Trusted Source in 2018. Big and tall men’s jeans usually range from 40 to 70 inches for the waist measurements suitable for those whose weight falls between 165 to 250 pounds. Men with these measurements usually have a size 34 to 40 pants suitable for guys with 5’9 to 7” in height. 

To sum that up, here’s a table of the average measurements for big and tall men’s jeans:


5’9 - 7” feet

Waist measurement

40 - 70 inches


165 - 250 pounds

Pants size

34 - 40

Different brands have different size chart and more likely than not you'll need to confirm if they would fit you by trying them on.

If finding the best fitting jeans for your waist and thighs wasn't enough, you'll also have to make sure the inseam is good enough for you to fit.

What are inseams and why are they important?

Inseam is the length of the jeans’ leg. It is the measurement from the top of your thigh to the bottom of the leg. Basically, it is the inside leg measurement of the pants.

Parts of pants

With the right inseam measurement, it is easier to buy online without the risk of getting shorter or longer pants. 

Tips in measuring your inseams:

  • If you want your pants to have an extra length to make them look longer, add half an inch from your inseam.

  • On the other hand, subtract half an inch from your inseam to make them look shorter.


Here are two options to get your sizes. Knowing your actual measurements can make your life easier and allows you to have a seamless shopping experience. 

Option 1: Measuring your actual size

  • Stand up straight and make sure your shirt isn’t interfering with the process to get accurate measurements.

  • Breath normally and measure your waist properly. Don’t wrap the measuring tape around your waist too tight or too loose. 

  • Go down from your waist and measure your hip size.

  • Don’t forget to measure your thigh!

  • Most importantly, measure the inseam from the crotch area to the end of your leg before the ankle.

Option 2: Less hassle!

  • If you already own a pair of pants that fits you well, grab them and measure the waist, thigh, and inseam. This is a great reference if you don’t want to choose the first option.

  • Make sure to button up the jeans and spread them on a flat surface.


Why J-shape? J-shape jeans are the solution for tall men looking to find the best fitting jeans. It’s the kind of investment that you would want to keep in your closet permanently and keep wanting more. 

They also have the best inseam fittings for both tall and short people. Click here to find out more about the J-shape pants.

Here are the most sought after J-shape jeans for big and tall guys.


The founder of AKings, Alan King, understands the struggles of spending much time and money just to find denim jeans that accurately fit both the waist and inseam. His creativity led to the creation of J-shape denim.

J-shape jeans

The J-shape denim is designed to be a modern addition to tech-wear design. Curved legs are a design element meant to solve the problem of finding the best inseam fit. 

Instead of having to find large pants that have un-proportional inseam to waist measurements, stacked jeans made by AKINGS offer a tapered fit, so your legs look proportional to your body shape.

J-shape denim such as the AKINGS’ Kyle pants has the ability to stretch to fit people whose weight falls somewhere between 100 to 250 pounds. Comfortable and stretchy jeans with incredible design, that’s how we like it!

Black Kyle stacked jeans

Kyle can be paired with any apparel from your closet. Once you discovered your favorite combinations with these pants for men, you’d want to wear them every day. 

 What people like about these jeans is its versatility to pair with any spring or summer outfits. Kyle is perfect to match with basic monotone tops with matte-colored jackets and leather boots to make a statement everywhere you go.

Want other color variations?

Kyle is also available in rustorangeultraviolet, and olive green for those adventurer people who like to go extra and beyond the fashion norms.


These solid black jeans are not just about being cool while wearing them. It is stretchy enough to wear every day on any occasion. Suitable to wear for any casual hangout with friends, family gatherings, or even for formal agendas. 

Daniel is available in sizes 28 to 38. For people whose height is 6’1 with a weight of 175 pounds, just wear size 32 Daniel jeans and everyone will notice how sleek your outfit can be.

Black deep pocket Daniel stacked jeans

Many people complaints about the idea of pants having very narrow pockets. Essential pants that can fit your phone, wallet, and keys are today’s big thing.

If you’re one of those people who’s having a hard time putting phones in their pocket, Daniel’s 8” deep skyscraper pockets might be the solution to this problem. 

Deep pocket jeans Daniel black pants

Pockets that can fit phones, cash, and extra coins inside can help to ease your mind about their security. 

Don’t waste your time putting those things inside your bag frequently if you need to use them most of the time. Instead, use your time to go out with friends and socialize without having to worry about faulty jean pockets.

It is not just one deep pocket. Why go for one if you can have four of them? That’s four conventional pockets at the front and back of the jeans.

Fit Daniel with any matte blazer and plain inner garments to achieve the classiest minimalistic look of city wear. These sleek jeans are the best go-to pair of pants for guys who like to steal all the glares.


The fashion style and their purpose to fit any people with a height that falls between 4’11 to 7’ foot tall are some of the greatest assets that stacked jeans can offer.

How? Allowing the excess fabric layered on top of itself is what stacked jeans are all about. 

Do not waste your time searching for pants with 36” inseam’s length in different physical stores when you can buy them online, hassle-free! 

Stacked pants are now the best buddies of tall guys with more than 36” inseams, especially for guys that need a bigger pair of pants.

Trust me, you’ll never get bored styling this kind of pants. Want some more styling ideas? Check out our blog here on how to style stacked pants.

Here are the stacked jeans that have long inseams ranging from 35-45” for big and tall guys.


Omari white stitch is the perfect spring jeans that balance the coolness and extra confidence you will have by wearing these pants. The silhouette jeans have significant attention to detail that captivates your interest more as you look closer to it.

Omari White Stitch Waxed Jeans

Omari is one of AKINGS’ best-selling jeans and is designed to make you feel like a Rockstar with its high-quality stitches and a silver zippered pocket that enhances your city wear into something phenomenal. 

Omari challenges the definition of waxed jeans and turns them into something more valuable, that every people of any height can enjoy. 

Complete your look with these skinny fit jeans available in sizes 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38.

Omari’s dark monogram color makes it perfect to match with silver-tone jewelry and a denim jacket just like how Lil Nas X customized the outfit.

Lil Nas X wearing AKINGS Omari white stitch jeans

On the other hand, Kyle Kuzma used a different theme to maximize the look of Omari white stitch with his moto biker jacket.

Kyle Kuzma wearing AKINGS Omari white stitch jeans


The ace of raw denim. James is a techwear made to stand out. It has 8-inch deep “skyscraper” pockets to fit your valuables. You can even fit water bottles into it! 

James raw denim black

James’ silhouette gives you extra pride to level up your fashion style. Big and tall guys can now be the first ones to discover the monotone look with James raw denim. Available from size 29 to 40.

These are the best jeans to pair with James Denim Blazer to look professional with any inner garments, perfect for semi-formal to business casual occasions. 

James black denim pants

Like achromatic colors? Check out James Sapphire and James Emerald to explore the new era of fashion styling.


Ludlow raw denim upgrades the definition of versatility. It has the perfect balance of light white stonewash patterns with the best fittings for tall guys. 

Ludlow blue denim pants

The blue denim color never goes out of style. Pair it with white sneakers and classic tees and you’re good to go.

Ludlow is now the modern work-to-play wardrobe that allows you to live without restriction. This skinny fit denim is available in sizes 28 to 40.


Aesthetic is not limited to someone’s size. Spice up the look with these elegant accessories with your favorite jeans!


Big guys need bigger and deeper pockets! Well, everyone does. AKings heard you loud and clear. It's time for the new trend to rise. One that will benefit you. Check out other stacked pants with big pockets here.


AKings denim range from size 28-40 and made true-to-its size. AKings’ stacked jeans are suitable for women with a height of 5’1 and NBA players whose height can go up to 7 foot tall. 

AKings made it easier for customers to get their perfect fittings. If you prefer a looser fit, we recommend sizing up.

Check out the size chart below for reference. The weight is shown in pounds and the height is in feet.

AKINGS denim sizing

You can also see the size charts on the side of the products on our webpage.

Click the Size Chart button and you’ll see the images below.

AKINGS size chart

AKINGS size chart

Still unsure of your sizing? Here’s a guide in finding your size.


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