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by Catherine Navarette April 28, 2021 3 min read

Bring the fashion runway along with your feet anywhere you go with these notable and most prominent designer sneakers for the spring and summertime.

In this season, it is all about sneakers! A lot of celebrities cannot get enough of its versatility to blend into any apparel.

There are tons of designer sneakers in the market, but we chose the most elegant footwear to match your spring and summer fashion styles. Here are the top 3 sneakers that steal the spotlight in terms of giving quality and impressive high-end fashion designs.

Dior B22 Sneakers 

Dior B22  white sneakers

Take a glimpse of the crowd’s most favorite designer sneakers, the Dior B22. Its black soles reflect the mesh majestic white that extremely spices up your apparel. You might not notice, but the top side of the shoes are soft enough to allow smooth insertion of your foot. 

Dior B22 is a low-top sport-inspired pair of shoes with reflective side streamlines and a mixture of silver-tone smooth calfskin and mesh white that can be worn with any casual wear. The brand’s signature logo on the side is the chef’s kiss that made it look more luxurious.

You can never go wrong with white sneakers. During summertime, the sunshine reflects with the shoes’ bright color that intensifies the glow of your outfit. It is the perfect shoes for dark-colored jeans that can be partnered with any tops. 

Dior B22 is best paired with AK Daniel skinny fit organic stretch denim. The contrasting color of the sneakers and black stacked jeans offers the highest versatility that perfectly balances the brightness of your apparel.

Patchwork jacket with black denim jeans for men

The best thing about this outfit is that it will allow you to choose any style and color for your top clothing and have you feeling like a king.

Dior B23 High-cut Sneakers

Dior B23 High-cut Sneakers

The integrated design of Dior B23 sneakers breaks the stereotype of classical shoes. It has tons of amazing features that make it an essential garment for the spring season.

The Leopard print in jacquard nylon and the textured Dior Logo on the patchwork-effect midsoles makes the shoes extravagant and very appealing to the public eye. It has its own definition of styling that the celebrities like Billie Eilish and Kim Jones can’t get enough of.

This technical wear is not just about being classy, but it has overflowing protective qualities such as its microfiber lining and side-sewn construction that ensure its longevity.

AK Park Avenue denim-on-denim assets harmonized the Dior B23’s refined transparent paneling to look fly. These slim-fit designer jeans for men have a cross-hatching plaid design that blends in with the Dior B23’s monogram design.

Light pattern jeans and a bomber jacket outfit for men

With this chic fashion outfit, the possibilities of wearing any accessories are limitless.

Rust brown-colored pants like the AK Logan skinny denim jeans are another option to consider if you like the twist of modern and traditional styling.

Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneaker Boots 

Louis Vuitton High-cut Trainer Sneaker Boots

These stunning sneaker boots steal the spotlight during the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show. It has a western-inspired silhouette that captivates everyone who took a glimpse of it.

LV sneaker boots with high-class stitches, top-notch material, chunky rubber soles, and wraparound style make them suitable for spring and summer seasons. Notice its gold-tone signature mark that is very appealing and adds elegance to the sneakers.

Its powerful yet simple colors showcase the monochrome scheme of the shoes that brings you overwhelming confidence in every step.

Indulge yourself with an out-of-this-world look with a dazzling effect of abundant elegance with the perfect combination of the Louis Vuitton Sneaker Boots and AKINGS Omari denim

Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneaker Boots with Omari Waxed Denim Jeans Men

This look is sleek and casual for those nights out with friends and you’re looking to step out looking fresh. Throw on a graphic tee shirt with a jacket and you’re set with a full dripped outlook.

Speaking of AK Omari denim, Hollywood celebrities like Lil Baby knows how to style like a Rockstar. He paired it with a vivid graphic jacket to set his outfit in sync with his musical preference.


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