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by Maria Angelica Nunag April 20, 2022 2 min read

Mark your calendars! AKINGS NFT Collection is minting this soon.

Wear to Earn NFT


Bridging New York streetwear, games, and fashion in the metaverse, our Wear 2 Earn project is set to take over Web3. With each wearable trading card integrated into multiple games and metaverses, you can dress your Avatars in style anywhere in the digital space.

Earn tokens in the form of airdropped cryptocurrency by simply wearing the brand or renting it out in the virtual world - the fashion equivalent of the popular Play to Earn ecosystem, better known as Wear to Earn or Rent to Earn.

Each first edition card is also backed with a physical item that can be redeemed upon mint. You will also get VIP passes to exclusive parties and IRL events.

Take a peek at our NYFW NFT POP UP EVENThere.


Get first access to the latest updates on this project by joining AKINGS’ Discord community.

Here’s How:

AKings Discord

  • Verify your Email or Number by typing in the code sent to your account
  • Go to #Self-Roles and turn on NFT News

Discord Roles

  • Proceed to #NFT-FAQ to learn about our Whitelist Guidelines and #NFT-Updates for the latest news
  • Head over to #chat and comment "GM, here from the AKINGS Blog!" 
  • The first 100 people who come form the blog and genuinely interact with the community will receive a white list spot.

People in our whitelist get priority passes to skip the line at the time of mint (launch day). It means, they get pre-approved address mint before everyone else, which allows them to save on gas fees and have a higher chance to get the NFTs than someone who is not. You don’t want to miss out on that. 


How to invite people and generate the Invite link

Click on “Create Invite” on the announcements channel and then copy your unique invite link. Please keep the default 7 days expiration setting.

Create Discord Invite

Discord Invite Link

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