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by Binny Zheng December 22, 2020 4 min read

Looking for some fresh denim inspiration? You might already have the perfect pair of jeans in your closet already but if you're looking to mix it up and add some fresh styles to your spring wardrobe, these are the hottest denim trends that you're soon about to see everywhere. Be a pioneer of these trends and shop before everyone else does.

Stacked Jeans

This trend has been on the rise for a couple of years but this spring, stacked jeans will be more popular than ever. It's a unique cut that allows 5 ft girls to rock the same jeans as 7 ft NBA players. Stack jeans usually come from the extended fabric at the leg so that the material crinkles up to “stack” from the knee down. In our case, we use a J shape cut that creates the stack for you.

lil baby in howard black stacked denim jeans

AKINGS Howard Jeans (as seen on Lil Baby), $240

Waxed Jeans

Into leather or faux leather jeans? You're in luck because waxed jeans have that luxury leather looks without the couple thousand dollar price tag. Look like a Rockstar and feel like A KING. Waxed pants are perfect because they are more breathable and easier to take care of than leather pants.

Lil Nas X wearing black Rockstar stacked jeans

AKINGS Omari White Stitch (as seen on Lil Nas X)

Omari waxed leather pants

AKINGS Omari Jeans

Stretch Jeans

Who says you can't be comfortable and still look fly? Stretch jeans are without a doubt going to be a forever staple in your closet. Whether you're working from home or on the move, you're going to find that stretch denim will always be a reliable fit. They're so comfortable you could sleep in them. 

Kyle Blue Cargo Wash denim

AKINGS Kyle Blue

Cargo Pants

Way back in the 1940s, cargo pants are originally worn by military troops to carry their essentials. Now, cargo pants are making their way back to our wardrobe because of their cut and functionality.

Kyle cargo jeans are the perfect slim fit jeans. They have enough room for your thighs and calves and can make your legs look slimmer. From everyday to event wear, these eleven-pocket jeans will come in handy for storing your phone, wallet, keys, air pods, and other essentials. You have seen this pair featured on the most recent Father’s Day gift guide on Forbes. ;)

Streetwear outfit idea men black stacked pants and black pullover

AKINGS Kyle Cargo jeans

Biker Jeans

If you’re looking for Rockstar jeans that can keep up with the sleek design of your leather jacket, AKINGS Black Biker stacked jeans are what you’ve been looking for. These moto-inspired zipper jeans have a tapered fit from the knee down to make your legs look proportional to your body shape. 

Wearing a leather jacket with a bag is hard to style. Fortunately, these skinny fit solid black bottom wear has 11 tactical pockets for your valuables. High Top sneakers like the Saint LaurentSignature Court Classic SL/10H Leather High Top Sneakers will keep the jeans’ stacked effect intact for a longer time.

Black stacked jeans outfit ideas for men Saint Laurent Signature Court Classic SL/10H Leather High Top Sneakers

AKINGS Black Biker jeans

Colored Jeans

This spring is going to be all about bold colors and fun prints and the mix of both. With colored jeans, it's a guarantee that you'll stand out in any crowd. Colored jeans are a great way to express yourself and give a little personality to your wardrobe. Many of our washes are uniquely developed by hand. We come up with the dyeing process in New York and wash put the jeans through multiple wash phases to get the perfect combination of wear and one of a kind color. See our Finished in New York Collection for more.

lil nas x in kyle ultraviolet, colored stacked denim jean

AKINGS Kyle Ultraviolet Jeans (as seen on Lil Nas X)

comethezine in orange stacked denim jeans, colored jeans

AKINGS Kyle Snap Cargo (as seen on Comethezine)

Hisoka stretch denim will let you experience the modern retro vibe. Complete the look with a Hisoka jacket to make your multi-colored outfit stand out even more. This outfit combination is best to wear when going to the club and night festivals.

Hisoka multi color brush outfit retro for men

AKINGS Hisoka jacket and stacked jeans

Patchwork Jeans

A corporate outfit that can give you enough comfort without compromising the look is hard to find. But with the new trend that aims to bring back the patchwork fashion popularity from the 70s to today’s time, many people are exploring the opportunities to wear patchwork clothing to become one of the trendsetters in this generation.

Wearing a patchwork jacket and jeans is the coolest way to pull off a polished look with a modern cut and vintage look. The texture in every patch and subtle stitch details makes this outfit popular.

Designer Patchwork Stacked Jeans Men Outfit Ideas

AKINGS Patchwork Stacked Jeans

Black Denim

Black jeans are staples you should have in your wardrobe. It’s the most versatile piece you can style with any outfit you own. Don’t settle for regular black jeans if you can wear something that can increase the drip of your look by 100%.

Best Black Stacked Jeans for Men outfit ideas with zipper

AKINGS Omari Black Stacked Jeans

Paint Splatter Jeans

Some people like to collect black jeans since they’re easy to mix and match with any shirts they owned. If you’re one of them, explore something new and give your wardrobe a new pair of black silhouettes with a twist.

The contrast between the jeans’ black color and light whiskering details will give you good impressions. The paint splatter design is an artistic touch to express your style. To learn more about this collection check out the full blog here.

Designer Black Paint Splatter denim stacked jeans and Black Crossbody Bag for men

AKINGS Jason Denim and Crossbody Bag


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